‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kevin Saves Jordan, Scott Plans To Help Ava

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: As we all know, there will be no new episode for May 27th, Monday. However, the aftermath of Ryan and Ava is definitely going to be worth a watch. Avan and Kevin had been faking it all to get Ryan out of his hiding place. They succeeded, and Ryan returned with a bash. He brought a knife with him that Ava managed to stab in his back. However, this has brought Ava into a lot of trouble. She sits in the holding room, proud of what she did.

General Hospital Spoilers: Scott Saving Ava From Herself

All Ava can think right now is revenge. She is glad that she stabbed Ryan. Ava asks Scott whether there is any news about Ryan. He knows that he is under the knife at the hospital but that’s all. Scott has no idea whether the operations was a success or a failure. Ava told him that she only needed confirmation that she avenged her daughter’s death. She wants to know whether she got what she wanted after stabbing him.

She also said that she regrets not twisting the knife after stabbing. Scott pleads her not to say that in court. However, it seems like Ava is determined to reject any advice coming out of him. She is proud of what she did to avenge her daughter’s death. Ava is trying to gain peace for Kiki and herself. However, according to General Hospital spoilers, it’s going to be a dangerous path. She is likely to end up in jail due to the fact that she attacked Ryan.

Is Ryan’s Storyline Coming To An End?

As we all know, Jordan is in a difficult situation as far as her medical history is concerned. She is in desperate need of a kidney. The cardiac event has marred her chances of getting back to a normal state. This calls or an immediate kidney transplant. If Ryan is not as fortunate as he was before, he is likely to be the kidney donor Jordan is in dire need of right now. Moreover, Kevin is the only close kin of Ryan ho gets to decide the medical procedures done on him.

Initially, Kevin attempted to be a match for the donor, but he is prediabetic. However, according to Curtis, Ryan is also a suitable match. If he lives, Curtis might strike a deal with Kevin.

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