General Hospital Spoilers: Teaser Suggests GH Gearing Up For a Major Comeback

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers tease, fans should gear themselves up for some major comebacks. Dominic Zamprogna is going to make a big return as Dante Falconeri. Similarly, Ingo Rademacher’s is going to return as Jasper. Well, that is not it. There is always more room for some fan favorite characters to rock the screen. A tweet by a GH alum has left fans excited for the big reveal.

Alderson’s Tweet Stirring Up The Audience

As fans already know, long before Hayley Erin stepped in, Kristen Alderson was playing the role of Kiki Jerome. Even before that, One Life To Live’s Starr Manning was played by Alderson. However, General Hospital had to write out Starr owing to a Prospect Park lawsuit. This is the main reason why the producers gave the role of Kiki to Alderson.

Alderson recently took to Twitter to announce something that has the potential to entice all General Hospital fans. Her exact words are, “Guess what?? I’m doing something really fun today & it has to do with @GeneralHospital Any guesses!?” What could this imply?

It can be an indication that the star might return to Port Charles in some or the other form. Unfortunately, the revival of Kiki isn’t in the cards without a big whack. At least not any time soon. We can’t say no to a resurrection plot. After all, it is a daily soap and literally, anything can happen. It seems that the producers are adamant of squeezing all the drama that is possible from the death of this major character before turning to a new storyline involving Kiki.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava’s Revenge Storyline And Kiki’s Death

Dr. Kevin Collins, also known as Ryan Chamberlain is Ava’s lover. But he is also the man who took her daughter’s life. A storyline involving Ava’s revenge is on the way. Therefore, the producers need Kiki dead for the plot to take place in the most dramatic possible way. At least for the time being, Kiki can’t come back to life. All we can say that her return is unlikely at present, or maybe ever, as the producers decide. However, at the last moment, they can decide to go all crazy with the back from the dead storyline and make an unexpected change.

Settlement Of The Prospect Park lawsuit: Opens Doors For Entries

Since the Prospect Park lawsuit is now settled, it has opened doors for Starr’s major comeback. If Alderson was talking about this return, Starr’s fans are surely going to be thrilled. The reprise of this role is certainly going to be the biggest and the most pleasant surprise for fans.

Another possibility states that Alderson can rejoin the GH team portraying a completely new character. Whatever the case might be, fans are definitely going to enjoy what Alderson is hinting.

What do you think Alderson’s big secret indicate? Is it an indication of the GH plot thickening? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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Excited to see Kristen A. Finally Come back. Don’t really care WHO she is…


It would be a big twist if she came back as Ninas REAL daughter!!!!!!


love to see Kristen return but as someone new coming back as Starr would be crazy cause she was Starr when Roger was Todd n now he is Franco so it would be confusing -love her n Rogers relationship they were great together n Starr n Todd –hopefully she comes back as someone new not sure if they should pair her up with Michael especially since they were together in real life it might be uncomfortable but we shall see –unless she is coming on as Nina’s real daughter ????


For anyone who didn’t watch OLTL, Starr is equivalent to Robin on GH. We watched her grow up on the show – one child actor whose character wasn’t SORASed. Love her!