‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Neil’s Shocking Secret, Josslyn’s Grief

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers do not deny Oscar’s condition is deteriorating day by day. His family is grief-stricken, and so is his girlfriend. Every time we see him on the screen, things don’t look so good. It is clear that death is knocking Oscar’s door. Joss is going to need all the support she can along with those supporting her in the process. In this challenging time, many characters are going to break down and are going to get all the support they can get.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Neil a Member Of DoD?

Neil seems to be hiding many secrets. The truth about Willow is likely to come out soon. Madeline might have something to do with paying a considerable sum to keep Neil silent. Harmony may have given away the truth to Willow. She might also have forced Willow to sleep with Shiloh by blackmailing her. One thing is for sure. Viewers are definitely going to find about something related to Harmony that would be enough to act as a major shocker. Any way, twists, and sharp plot turns are very much assured.

Is Neil Willow’s Real Father On General Hospital?

Neil is likely to get into a lot of trouble as he has a lot of information about the world of sects. His disturbing secret is sure to upset fans. It is highly plausible that he is a member of the DoD and it is becoming obvious through each passing clue. This fan theory has been going on for a long time. One of his patients’ mysterious disappearance is also raising a lot of questions at him. There are some clues that suggest that Neil might be Willow’s biological father. Harmony raised her. The fact that both have the same last name just adds more strength to the entire hypothesis.

Willow also mentioned that her mother has been particularly pushy about getting her to join the sect. Dr. Byrne could have been instructed to take care of Nina to avoid raising suspicions. Neil might try to save Willow from the world of sects. No wonder he has all the information. Even though he might not succeed in keeping her safe from the cult but there are going to be a lot of questions pointed to him. He is hiding a lot, and according to the latest General Hospital spoilers, the cat is soon going to be out of the bag.

Carly And Joss Are Going To Need Extra Support

Josslyn will be heartbroken about Oscar’s death. She wants them to give their last performance together which shows that she is in denial about Oscar’s impending reality. in the meantime, Carly will try to be as strong as possible for her daughter. But she is also going to need some support. Spoilers suggest that she is going to lean on her own mother Bobbie Spencer for the same. She knows what real loss is and is going to be supportive in this time of tragedy. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.