General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Nurses Ball, Carly And The Baby Crisis

General Hospital Spoilers

Troubling moments might be regular occurrences for General Hospital, but the upcoming two weeks will take troubling situations to a whole new level. From big mistakes to the urgent crisis, the next couple of episodes will have everything to stir up the plot really good. Also, there will be lingering secrets that will make fans go crazy over the exciting mystery.

General Hospital Spoilers For The Upcoming 2 Weeks

Secrets To Come Out

Brad is going to be weighed down due to immense secrecy. General Hospital Spoilers For The Upcoming 2 Weeks reveal that the secrets might take a toll on his lifestyle. Moreover, Lucas is likely to discover that Brad had been keeping secrets and is going to lash out. He is going to find out about Willow and discover that Brad was the one concealing important information.

Massive Mistakes Uncovered!

Robert is going to come to the realization that he has committed a big blunder. He misplaced Finn’s engagement ring who needs it now. It turns out that Mike has the ring. However, it will take some time before the ring returns to the real owner. In the meantime, Carly will pay a visit to GH. The test results are about to be out, and Carly is definitely expecting a positive outcome after all that has happened. It seems like there is going to be a baby crisis as Jason insists on driving her to the hospital.

Ryan’s Bloody Nurses Ball

Curtis and Laura are certainly going to find themselves in an awkward position. Not only will they be confused as to what step they should take next, but they also don’t know what is coming for them. This hints that it has something to do with the infamous Ryan. His bloody Nurses ball appearance is a long-awaited moment for fans. It seems like the moment is arriving soon and is going to hit the screen shortly!

Meanwhile, Spinelli is likely to take down Shiloh for good. Or at least play a major role in his downfall. Sonny will ensure that this happens as soon as possible. Since the overall deal is super-risky, there are going to be plenty of mind-blowing shockers to surprise fans.

General Hospital Spoilers suggest that fans are going to get hooked to the fantastic scenes coming up. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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