General Hospital Spoilers: Next Two Weeks – Ryan Framing Franco For Murder

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers tease Ryan Chamberlain’s loss of sight is acting as a major hurdle in carrying out his vicious plans. He is especially facing a heck of difficulty in executing the grand plan. However, as the official serial killer of Port Charles, the showrunners cannot keep him blind for long. After all, how will they bring those juicy plot turns in General Hospital? He has got a lot of work to do as Ryan is one of the major and the most intense characters on the show.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain’s Biggest Mistake

When Ryan Chamberlain committed his last murder, he made one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made as a serial killer. Leaving Lulu Falconeri alive wasn’t a smart move as far as his personal gains are concerned. Fans are soon going to find out the repercussions of this act. However, there is a long way we have to cover before fans actually get to witness Ryan’s downfall.

According to General Hospital Spoilers, Lulu is expected to remain in the coma for a while followed by a temporary loss of memory. Despite the fact that she is going to struggle to put what exactly happened back together, faded encounters will come back to her. Once she recalls what happens, it might be the onset of Ryan facing drastic outcomes he deserves.

Ryan Pinning His Crimes Elsewhere: Can He Get Away With This?

Ryan hasn’t been stable lately. As a result, there are chances he might think that he can get away with all his wrongdoings. Maybe this is the reason why he is trying to frame Franco for the disasters he has inflicted upon others’ lives. Being in the Ferncliff lockup is something the big bad villain can’t afford at present. Even if he preserves some glory for himself, Franco is still in the danger radar for now.

Ryan Chamberlain Attempts To Frame Franco: Why Him?

Finding a target to pin his crimes on isn’t a big deal for Ryan. But why did he choose to sabotage Franco’s reputation? Perhaps his growing infatuation for Ava has something to do with the choice of the unfortunate victim. He has been persuading her to run away with him. More so, he promises to end all the chaos once she says yes. His priorities are clear, and so is his fierceness for the person who comes between him and his beloved.

General Hospital Spoilers tease Franco and Ava have been bonding over Kiki Jerome’s death. The development of a new friendship is clearly not going well with our serial killer. From February 4th to the 8th, fans are going to see the jealous version of Ryan’s personality. Even though there is nothing romantic going on between Franco and Ava, something will just burn him up with envy.

One thing is clear at this point. Franco is trapped, and it won’t be easy for him to get out of it. Will he manage to clear his name? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.