‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Makes Dying Wish & It Is Heartbreaking

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers revealed Oscar’s end comes near, and now he is making his last wishes clear to those he loves. Starting from asking Drew and Jason to mend their differences, he is helping them preserve the brotherly bond. For the past few years, the twins haven’t been on good terms. Sam McCall, their shared ex-wife, has been one of the most prominent centers of their famous feud. Letting the baby mama go by at least one of the twins is likely to pave the way to healthy healing between the brothers.

Drew’s attitude towards Jason indicates that he might not be entirely over Sam. Even though many fans can argue that he is over Sam, but his actions reveal a totally different story. During Oscar’s crisis, one of the main reasons behind Drew not being able to lean on Sam might be his complicated feelings.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar’s Request To The Twins

The dying teen hopes that his dad and uncle can finally put aside their differences and improve their relationship as brothers. The Quartermaine mansion is where Oscar is speculated to live the last days of his wife. His mom has moved there with his family so that loved ones surround him in the final moments of his life. Sam is one of the people who is going to avail immense benefits if the twins burry the hatchet.

Oscar realizes that the differences between the brothers are so deep that he thinks his dying wish as the last alternative to make a positive change. There is a possibility that the twins realize that they are way better as a team. Meanwhile, Sonny can relax as it is likely that Drew is not going to spill the secret. If it all goes well, Oscar will get a chance to see his family as a whole before he dies.

Willow’s Miscarriage Lie Exposed

Willow and Harmony are keeping some dangerous secrets. Even though Willow has lied about the miscarriage, she did confess that she was once pregnant. This confession might turn out to be relevant in the episodes to come. However, Willow struck Harmony the most by pointing out that she pimped her out. Shiloh wants to lure back Willow. Harmony is likely to blow Willow’s miscarriage secret once she is under enough pressure.

Shiloh is sneaky and is likely to keep tabs on Willow. She also spots her with Brad. The story might be hard to believe since Shiloh is not trusting Willow currently. Sam McCall is Shiloh’s new favorite, and Harmony might think that it is a good idea to draw his attention from her. Willow will face the worst when Shiloh realizes that his baby is still alive and Willow is the one carrying.

How do you think Shiloh is going to react after knowing the truth? Will Oscar’s final wish come true? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.


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