‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Wakes Up From Coma, Garren Stitt’s Insights

General Hospital Spoilers

It seems like General Hospital Spoilers these days can’t seem to function without a juicy tidbit related to the character of Oscar Nero. The tragedy seems unavoidable. Both Oscar’s onscreen family and real-life fans have come to a point where they have accepted the cruel fate. Earlier, soap operas used to be all about miracles and bringing people back from the dead as per fans demands. But this time, General Hospital has taken a whole new turn as Oscar seems to be a few days away from his end.

Right now, Palliative care is the only thing that can assure a peaceful death and make sure that he gets plenty of love from his parents and loved ones in his final moments. The show has created such a hype surrounding Oscar and his impending death that fans have already let go of any possibility of a miracle happening. Since the specifics are still unknown, fans can only speculate on the basis of hints. Speaking of hints, Garren Stitt dropped a major clue when he updated fans of the viable fate of Oscar on General Hospital via Instagram.

General Hospital Spoilers: Garren Stitt’s Instagram Posts

Most of Garren Stitt’s Instagram posts show that he is hanging out with friends and is at school. It wasn’t really clear as to he is going to be filming for General Hospital in the coming days. Well, until now! On Thursday, Garren Stitt took to Instagram to share a short video which showed the General Hospital building. He gave a little pep talk to his followers, and this action has created a stir among GH fans all across the world.

Speculations among fans have begun about whether there is a possibility of a last-minute miracle. Considering the current storyline of the show, it is highly unlikely that Oscar will survive his ailment. But GH is a soap opera, and when it comes to daily soaps’ storylines, apparently, there are no rules! Moreover, it has been a long time since the fans have been making their disapproval about the storyline clear. It is a known fact that soap operas have tried to make amends according to the fans’ demands in the past. So, even though the storyline is already decided, we can’t rule out the possibility of a sudden twist in the plot.

Explanation Behind Garren Stitt Hanging Out On GH Sets

The most feasible explanation, in this case, is that Oscar’s duration on the show is extended for a few weeks. The episodes shot now is likely to air in May. But considering what we saw in the previous episodes, Oscar doesn’t have much time left. Another possible explanation is that he might come in the form of visions or flashbacks on the show.

What do you think the recent Instagram post from Garren Stitt indicates? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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