‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: After Oscar’s Death Two More Exits From The Show

General Hospital Spoilers

According to the General Hospital spoilers, there are going to be two major exits. Owing to Oscar’s recent demise, his parents are devastated to their core. Since the two of them aren’t a crucial part of any major storyline going on, the writers are preparing for their temporary departure. Let’s take a look at the details of Kim and Drew’s exit.

General Hospital Spoilers: Tamara and Billy About To Make Their Exit

Since Oscar’s death, Kim and Drew’s storyline has weakened. Oscar used to be Kim’s whole world. He had been around for sixteen years. For Drew, his biggest regret was that he could not spend more time with Oscar. He wanted to know him better and devote more time to his son. Sadly, Oscar passed away and left his parents with a big heartache. Now, that he is gone and the profound mourning period passes, Drew and Kim might not have a strong storyline to keep them on the hook for the upcoming episodes.

Even though the couple has some loose ends, the showrunners might not think that it’s sufficient to keep them in the show. The recent news is that the on-screen couple will be leaving the show temporarily. But for how long? W don’t know that yet. Maybe the writers need some time to cook up an intense storyline while they wrap up the rest of the scenes in the city.

Kim And Drew’s Exit To Be Permanent?

One thing is for sure. The departure of Oscar’s on-screen parents is not a permanent one. There are a lot of possible potential storylines that the writers could tap into in the time to come. Drew has some sort of connection to Shiloh. Maybe, there could come a point when Drew’s past could come back and haunt him. Currently, his memory is not yet fully back. But we can take this to be an indication of the possible storyline that when he remembers everything, he could take down Shiloh.

When Shiloh asked Kim about whether Drew gave her something valuable before leaving, she said no. But obviously, he is doing some digging to find out something. It might be possible that he is threatened by Drew in some way or the other. At present, Kim is involved with Julian. However, Oscar’s death has brought him closer to Drew. Could they get back together again? Drew is also going to make a big business decision. What could that be?


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