‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar’s Goodbye Scenes are Heartbreaking

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers revealed Oscar’s unfortunate fate a long time ago. Apparently, his death is inevitable. Despite his loved ones being prepared for the tragedy, there is going to be immense heartbreak for fans to witness on screen. Even though they know that his end is near, Oscar’s friends and family want him to stay a little longer. Oscar’s recent episode was enough to put him in a coma. However, for enacting the entire goodbye scene, it is necessary for him to wake up for some time.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Is Going To Be Awake For a While

For fans who are waiting for the sad goodbye scene, GH Spoilers indicate that Oscar is going to wake up in one of the upcoming episodes. However, he will remain in a weak and grim physical state. Olivia will leave no stone unturned in keeping Oscar comfortable in the final days of his life. Oscar might need special accommodations and will be under constant palliative care.

Difficulty in moving, walking and talking are some of the symptoms the doctors have warned his family of earlier. But when the actual scene takes place, it is certainly going to be difficult for his parents to see Oscar this way.

The Tough Sendoff Is Near On General Hospital

Even though the poor teen’s parents are drowning in pain, they are going to manage to give him one final goodbye. They have already arranged for palliative care to provide their beloved son with some relief. Even though it isn’t a permanent solution, fans can rest assured that Oscar will be comfortable during his final moments.

Josslyn Will Be Completely Broken With Oscar’s Unavoidable Demise

Following Oscar’s demise, one person who is going to be devastated entirely is Josslyn. Spoilers reveal that she is going to be a total wreck. She loves him deeply, but there is nothing she can do to stop the unavoidable fate. She is going to tell him that she loves him and will carry on their love even after Oscar isn’t in this world anymore.

After Oscar’s Death….

As soon as Dr. Terry prepared Oscar’s parents about what is coming, they were thrown into total despair. No matter how much they have been prepared for the past few weeks, it is next to impossible to live with the fact that they are going to lose their young boy soon. Spoilers indicate that in Oscar’s last moments, he is going to be surrounded by Drew, Joss’s and his parents. They are going to shower him with their affection and feel helpless at the same time.

Oscar’s deathbed scenes are going to be a terrible sight for fans as the scene is speculated to be sadder than viewers are expecting. What do you think about the story after Oscar passes away? How do you think Joss will handle the loss of her love at such a tender age? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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