General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan’s Murder Plot, Franco’s Final Victim

General Hospital Spoilers

According to the latest General Hospital Spoilers, Ryan Chamberlain is going to get some news that will infuriate him to his core. GH Spoilers also tease that the guilty plea of Franco Baldwin is going to stir up the town. After Ryan receives the news, he is going to rage about Franco and take away all the credit for his deeds.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan And His Murder Motives

Whenever Ryan murders someone, there are a couple of motives behind his action. When he killed Kiki Jerome, he did it because, in some of his own twisted ways, he thought of impressing Ava. Peyton Mills and Mary Pat Ingles were potential threats to him. o, he had to get rid of them. Bottom line, all the killings made him notorious and brought loads of attention. Maybe, that was his long-term aim, after all!

Jordan thinks that Franco receiving all the glory is a nice way to get rid of the real killer. However, it is hard to say whether Ryan will stop taking more lives. It is dangerous, but according to Jordan, this method can work.

What Could Be Ryan’s Next Move?

If Ryan is not happy, he is definitely going to do something about it. Even if the move is too risky to play, as long as he thinks the payoff is worthwhile, he won’t hesitate. There are chances that he might frame someone else as the mastermind behind the murders. We all know that he craves credit. He might jeopardize his own strategies to get what he wants.

He already has a massive list of names ready to be checked off. It’s not like he has to perform a detailed search to find a victim. Every now and then, there can be someone on the bad side.

Jordan’s Accident Leaves Franco Reeling

As mentioned above, what both of them are up to is really risky. It will be a good thing overall if Ryan makes a move while Franco is locked up. But unfortunately, the situation is going to be unsafe for other residents of Port Charles. After all, lives are at stake when Ryan is infuriated!

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Is Going To Be Ryan’s Next Victim?

If Lulu is not careful, she is the most obvious choice as it won’t be favorable for Ryan if her memories came back. If Olivia Jerome discovers what the truth is, no one can stop her from becoming his victim. She also seems a little too happy lately. The news suggests that Matt Cohen is about to depart from the show. This makes it obvious that he can be the next potential target. Especially, if the producers are looking forward to a gruesome sendoff. Dr. Kevin Collins and Laura Webber have been bugging him for a while. It makes sense if he decides to silence them once and for all.

Who do you think will be Ryan’s final victim? Do you think he will shoot two birds with one stone? Or maybe more? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.