‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What Will Happen After Oscar’s Death?

General Hospital Spoilers

Losing a loved one is the most devastating thing a person has to ever face in his life. General Hospital is portraying a similar situation in which Oscar’s family members and friends are hoping for a miracle. Earlier, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors have already revealed that there is little to no hope for his survival. The best thing his kids can do is to keep him comfortable and bid him a heartfelt farewell. Kim, Oscar’s mom, Drew, his dad and Josslyn, his girlfriend are going to be the three most prominent characters suffering the most from the tragic death of the young teen.

Now the question is, with Oscar gone, how will it impact the storyline of General Hospital? Fans have been wondering that such a massive plot twist is likely to cause a stir in the lives of all the characters related to Oscar. Drew barely had any time to know his son. He wishes he could have got some more moments with him. On the other hand, Kim’s life has been revolving around her boy for the past 16 years. For her, it will seem like the most important part of her life being snatched away in the most tragic way possible.

As for Josslyn, Oscar’s girlfriend, she will be heartbroken as she loves him with all her heart. With Oscar’s death, Cameron will lash out at Franco, Josslyn will lash out at Cam, and so on. It’s no one’s fault, but they are taking their own time and using their own mind to get over the loss.

General Hospital: Jax Returns To Console Josslyn

As a matter of fact, Josslyn will be a total wreck after the death of the love of her life. Joss’s mom is likely to call some reinforcements to make sure of her daughter’s well-being. She will call Jasper in hopes of consoling their girl and helping Josslyn cope up with the major loss. But spoilers indicate that he is going to be around for the long haul and helping Josslyn isn’t the only reason why. Jax is likely to stay in town for quite some time. Sources suggest that it might have something to do with Carly.

Carson is really hot right now. But the fact that Jax is coming back to town might put a wedge in this sparking chemistry. He might be annoyed over Carly’s pregnancy. One way or the other, Jax’s actions will have a major impact on the storyline of General Hospital. In some pictures of the upcoming scenes, we can see Jax involved in interacting with Josslyn, Sonny, Carly, and Jason. Another possibility is that he might be involved with Shiloh and his cult. His new, casual look just proves the point even further.

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