General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Leaving The Town? Updates On Shiloh

General Hospital Spoilers

According to General Hospital Spoilers, there are chances that everyone will come to know about Willow’s previous pregnancy. Fans have been wondering who she was in a relationship when she got pregnant. After a little digging, it turns out that Shiloh is the man everyone is looking for.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Enraptured by Shiloh

It is true that Kristina will keep on falling for Shiloh even more. He is forcing her to let out a secret which nobody knows at the moment. He is doing so that she can get access to the core of the organization. Moreover, fans will be in for a thrill because GH spoilers hint that she will betray her mother Alexis while in the middle of it. At the same time, Jason and Sam will be hell-bent on finding what the leader of DoD is up to.

General Hospital Spoilers: Willow will Try to Leave Town

Willow will panic when she realizes that Shiloh was in Port Charles. This will push her to skip town before Shiloh is able to find her. But all her plans go to waste because she won’t be quick enough. Shiloh will track her down and this time, he would want to have a talk with her. Moreover, it will be confirmed that the baby that she put up for adoption s actually Shiloh’s.

Now we know that he is going to confront her but as the spoilers suggest Chase will come in the scene. And, it will soon turn out that Willow is unaware about the pregnancy but he has been anxious to look for her. Willow tells Chase that she had been a member of Dawn of Day where Shiloh seduced her. Meanwhile, amidst all this, he will turn to Chase and will share with him all details of the situations. He will not let anything go by, even by the complicated parts.

As soon as he arrives, Willow was about to rub off “Ms. Tait” from the board. Making things creeper, he will tell her not to do such a thing as it is a nice name. Willow is her Dawn of Day name and the surname, Tait is what she changed in order to get away from him. There is a chance that her real name will add more to the mystery and will play an important role in it. After the turn of events, fans will know that Willow is the daughter of Nina Reeves. But she disapproves of her mother because she had been horrible to her before.

She will be really caught up because during all this she will be working to keep Shiloh out of “Wiley Cooper-Jones” who is the child they conceived together. Other sources claim that Nina will play cupid for Michael and Sasha Gilmore. She is trying really hard to set up Michal with her fake daughter.

So, this is what is up with the GH spoilers. With so much happening in the storyline, it is about time that fans get some much-needed answers. Comment down below what do you think will happen between Shiloh and Willow. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.