‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow’s Tough Time Begins With Harmony’s Return

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: As we know, Shiloh is skeptical about the death of his unborn child and is definitely going to do something about it. Harmony wants to remain in the good books of the cult’s vicious leader. She is desperate for Shiloh to consider that Harmony is on his side. The mother-daughter duo is going to be the center of all the drama that is going to occur in Port Charles in the upcoming week.

Shiloh thinks that they are going to have some valuable piece of information as both of them were included in the DoD trust. Let’s take a detailed look into the General Hospital Spoilers for the upcoming episodes.

Harmony: The Harbinger Of Trouble To General Hospital

Harmony has never really been a good mother to Willow. Even if she was adopted, there is no way one should treat their own child. But as always, Harmony, unlike her name, is going to bring a storm, especially in Willow’s life. Willow claimed that she suffered a miscarriage and Shiloh doesn’t seem to buy the story now. Wiley is his son, and those surrounding him are making sure that the little child doesn’t get a shadow of DnD, let alone, Shiloh.

Since Harmony desperately wants Shiloh to be impressed with her, she will start posting Willow. She will ask her the truth about the baby. Initially, Willow will lie her way out. But Harmony is determined to get the truth out of her. She is likely to force her as much as possible. When she cracks, Harmony will snatch the information about the whereabouts of Shiloh’s baby.

General Hospital Spoilers: Harmony Totally Dedicated To Shiloh

Harmony knew how Shiloh initiated women into the trust. He allowed him to drug her daughter and raped her. She had no problem in facing her daughter, after all, that happened. If that wasn’t enough, she is now back to torture Willow more for Shiloh. She doesn’t seem even a little concerned about being a grandmother. Harmony’s single agenda appears to be the one to present Shiloh, his baby. She has allowed the leader of the cult to abuse her daughter in the past. Moreover, she is not at all remorseful for her actions.

Nina and Shiloh are already harassing Willow. Harmony will just add a little fuel to the fire and make Willow’s life even more miserable than it is right now. Where do you think the storyline will head to once Harmony comes back? What does this mean for DoD and it’s fate? Shiloh is clearly running agitated. Will Harmony ease out the situation for him? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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