‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Writer Leaks Oscar’s Heartbreaking Last Moments

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers One thing that is famous about soap operas is that people don’t take any imminent death seriously before we actually see a character die on the screen. The same thing was happening to General Hospital fans for a long time. Even though we knew that Oscar was going to die, fans were secretly hoping for a miracle to happen at the last moment. But as it turns out, General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Oscar is, in fact, dying soon.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shelly Altman Reveals What’s Ahead In Oscar’s Storyline

In an interview with the Soap Opera Digest, Shelly Altman, one of the co-head writers for General Hospital revealed how the parents would be affected by the loss of their young teen.

No matter how prepared Oscar’s family and friends are for his death, the heartache is going to be intense. General Hospital Spoilers reveal that there is going to be a special episode dedicated to Oscar. His family and friends will give him a hearty farewell that is going to be heartbreaking for the fans to watch. As the teen passes away, his loved ones will have to come face to face with the harsh reality.

Shelly Altman’s Thought On Kim And Drew Coping With The Huge Loss

According to Shelly Altman, Drew and Dr. Kim will suffer the most. The loss of a child causes unbearable pain, and that is exactly what Drew and Kim will go through. She also mentions that Kiss emotionally fragile. Drew will support her in whatever way he can. The writer goes on to say that for the past 16 years, Kim’s life has revolved around Oscar. On the other hand, Drew barely had a chance to know his son.

While Josslyn will be reluctant to leave Oscar’s side till the last moment, Drew will wish he had more time with his son. After all, he barely knew him! Oscar’s grim fate is nearing. On the bright side, fans are going to see some of the best performances by the actors. The sendoff scene is going to be truly fit.

What’s Going On With Kristina?

Lexi Ainsworth, an actress who has been on and off the soap for quite some time has been playing the role of Kristina since 2002. It looks like the dramatic diva is back. She is speculated to have a lot more scenes in the upcoming episodes. She was kidnapped at a really tender age which led to the onset of immense drama in her life. Ned claimed to be Kristina’s dad for a few years unless the truth came out because of her illness.

Since the starting of her life, Kristina has been through an awful lot. In order to get out of Port Charles, she decided to go to Yale. She was also in an abusive relationship with Ethan. Fortunately, she got out of it. They also kicked her out of Yale due to the sexual advances she made on a professor to get good grades. Jason has successfully got her out of the Cult. However, it is unlikely that Shiloh will keep mum about this. Even Kristina says that she doesn’t need Sonny’s help.

Will she rejoin the Cult? What might be Shiloh’s next step? We all know that he is capable of inflicting hell upon people’s life. It seems like Kristina is ready to rock General Hospital. Considering Oscar’s demise and Kristina’s drama, it is safe to assume that the show has a lot to offer in the upcoming episodes.


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Excited to see Kristina truly find herself.