General Hospital Two Weekly Spoilers For January 2020: Comebacks, Problem For Willow & More

General Hospital

General Hospital Two Weekly Spoilers For January 2020: Comebacks, Problem For Willow & More Nikolas try to make, things work. Nelle might become a problem to Willow, where Sasha might get tangled in the scuffle. Keep reading to know all the details-

Spencer Is Coming Back!

Spencer Cassadine is coming back to Port Charles this week, and the story of his arrival unfolds when Ava Jerome and Nikolas Cassadine will go to visit him in school. Nik will hide from Spencer while Ava tries to prepare him for things that are about to happen. Ava is pretty hopeful that Spencer will forgive her after he understands that he really hasn’t lost everything.

General Hospital

Eventually, Spencer will turn around and find Nikolas standing there alive and elegant; The events will become overwhelming for Spencer. He will grill Nik about lying and making everyone believe that he is actually dead. Doing this, Spencer makes his position clear. However, this isn’t something Spencer will be able to deal with overnight. He will slowly but eventually forgive Nik. Nik has no other way but to just accept this.

After meeting with Spencer, Nikolas will sign the postnup Ava has made. Although he will put in some conditions of his own. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will agree to all of Nikolas’s condition. So, we can assume that they aren’t too bad. Ava will try to do everything she can to make things work. Let’s see how all her endeavor results in.

Nelle To Create Problems For Willow

In the forthcoming week of General Hospital, the spoilers tease that Nelle Benson Archer might become a problem for Willow Tait. She will overpower Brad and force him to push Willow away from him. Thanks to Nelle, All this will only bring in frustration for Willow.
Following this, Nelle will feel disturbed because of some shocking incident. Michael will defend Sasha in that very incident and the time to follow. It seems like Nelle will put all blame on Sasha for everything that might slip from her hand.

General Hospital

General Hospital: What’s More? 

There is some drama going on in other character’s lives at Port Charles. Jordan Ashford will be summoned as she will be helping in an emergency. On the other end, Sonny Corinthos will end up in the ER. It will be interesting to see how things might unfold. Will all this involve Mike Corbin or everything Michael has been dealing with? We will have to wait and watch.

General Hospital

As the story moves forward to the week of January 27-31, everyone will face a wave of shakeup and drama in Port Charles. There might be some significant changes in Sasha and Michael’s lives, and Sasha might do everything to stop the change. Anna Devane might get a bit protective, and Sam McCall will be only some new mission. Sonny might be onto something too. Here are all the details of what could happen in General Hospital during January 27-21.

Sasha And Michael To Make Some Changes

General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 27-31 reveal that Sasha and Michael will think of making significant changes in their lives. Sasha might think of moving in with Michael. Although she isn’t very sure yet. She is in no mood to move everything very fast and mess everything up.  To this, Nelle will do everything in her power to change Sasha’s mind. She doesn’t seem very excited to move unto the Quartermaine mansion. This might be a reason why Michael would want to re-allocate too. Both Michael and Sasha would want a place that Nelle has no clue about. Safe and Happy!

General Hospital

Who Is Sonny Plotting against?

Sonny is all ready to Tackle an enemy. He, in fact, has a plan. Who is the mysterious enemy? Can it be Marcus Taggert? Fans who have been keeping up with the show are aware of how Sonny and Marcus never went along well. This could be a possibility. No matter what Seems like Sonny isn’t backing down.

General Hospital

General Hospital: There’s More!

There is no calm in other residents of Port Charles. Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones will catch up over breakfast. Spinelli might want to know about Peter and hence would try to pull the information out of Maxie. He is worried that Peter might, after all, hurt her. Along with that, Anna Devane will get protective of Peter August. But this will get to the brim eventually, and she will be quite stressed. Other General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam McCall is onto pursuing a new purpose. She will find someone with the same interest and try to start a decent partnership. Lastly, Nina won’t be pleased about something. The question here is, what is it? Is it something about Lulu spencer and the way he is treating Valentin? Or is it something about her own history?

No matter what it is, we can assure you of lots of drama and entertainment through General Hospital. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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