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General Hospital: Why Do Fans Want GH To Fire Nancy Lee Grahn?

General Hospital
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  1. Terri stewart says:

    She is entitled to her opinion like everybody else. I would be sad to see her fired. What people NEED to do is voice their outrage on letting The two male actors go for standing up to their right to not take the vaccine. The vaccine should not be forced on people or else they lose their jobs. This is socialism at work in trying to control people and what they can and cannot do. I have taken the vaccines and will take the booster. However I stand with those who do not want it and they should not be pawns of government control. This administration sucks and is hellish so once again shame on the GH powers that be for doing this. Bring these actors back. Let the covid virus be part of your story line showing people taking precautions like masks etc and not kissing onscreen etc.

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