‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For Summer: Hope Finds Out Phoebe’s Real Identity

The Bold and the beautiful Spoilers

The Forresters, Logans, Spencers, and the Fultons are in for a rough ride. According to The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers, the summer preview brings new loads of drama into their lives. The secret regarding Beth is going to change many lives and modify the entire course of events. Zoe is going to leave no stones unturned in convincing Flo not to tell Hope about baby Beth. Obviously, she has Reese to protect.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Baby Swap Storyline Coming To An End

Liam and Hope are finally going to find out that their daughter is alive. It was tragic when the couple had to live with the truth that their baby died during childbirth. They are going to be thrilled to know that baby Phoebe is actually Beth. The best part is that both of them have been bonded to Phoebe from the beginning. In fact, Liam even visited her in Paris along with her elder sister. He has been playing the role of a father to the girls.

Hope had also been deeply connected to Phoebe since the time she held her in her arms. Now, she is finally going to realize why it felt so incredible spending time with her. However, Brad Bell mentioned that even though Hope and Liam know about the truth, the story won’t reach it’s climax anytime soon. It might also lead to a thriller storyline.

According to a teaser by Head writer Bradley Bell, there is going to be a death in the upcoming episodes. We can assume that there might be a death that could prompt someone to spill the secret about Hope’s baby.

What Will Happen On The Bold And The Beautiful After The Secret Gets Out?

When the secret gets out, Flo’s life will be destroyed. She is going to face some serious prison time. Zoe is trying to prevent her involvement at all. But once Hope puts all the pieces together and realizes that her daughter is living with Steffy, she will take some serious action.

Thomas hasn’t reduced any efforts to pursue Hope. He still wants her for himself and his son Douglas. Even Hope decided to let Liam go with Steffy and the girls. The secret about Hope’s baby coming out can change the way the storyline runs. Right now, the big question is whether Flo will spill the beans or will it be someone else. No matter who the person behind the reveal is, one thing is for sure. The baby reveal is going to bring a lot of intense scenes. Stay tuned for the drama! Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and B&B updates for upcoming episodes.