The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Week Of March 23: The Brill Secret To Be Out?

The Bold and the Beautiful

The upcoming week at B&B will be full of drama. The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for the week of March 23 tease, Flo might find out Sally’s true intentions. Shauna will ask Quinn to keep quiet about something. Donna will come to know about the Brill kiss, and both Brooke and Donna will go on to destroy the evidence. In the meantime, Quinn will make sure that everybody knows about what Brooke has done to both Ridge and Katie. Keep reading to know more about these storylines-

Flo To Find Out Sally’s True Intensions

Even after Aunt Katie asked her not to, Flo will go to see Sally. They are both rivals, but since Sally has only a few weeks left to leave, Flo is hoping they could sort out their differences. However, the situation will get uncomfortable when they get together. Along with that, Flo will also notice Sally’s strange reactions and start wondering about her true intentions. Will she start thinking that Sally may be faking her illness?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Quinn Keep Quite?

Shauna says that she only wants Ridge to be happy. She does not want him to know about the Bill and Brooke kiss. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that she will ask Quinn to keep quiet about the Brill kiss. Quinn hates Brooke so, will she stay mum?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Donna To Find Out About The Brill Kiss

This week Donna will be shocked. She will somehow get a glimpse of a video. The video is of Brooke kissing Bill in the cabin. After watching that video, she won’t go to Katie with the shocking information. Instead, she will go to Brooke. Then, Brooke will explain to her that whatever happened, happened in the heat of the moment. She promised her that won’t happen ever again.

Logan Sister To Destroy The Video

The Logan sister will destroy the video that has Brooke kissing Bill. They do not want anybody to watch it. Both women will be quick in their efforts. Donna is sure that if Katie sees it, her and Bill’s relations will get destroyed. It can also ruin her bond with Brooke. Katie will see it as nothing but another betrayal by her fiance and sister.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn And Brooke: The Rivalry To Rise!

Now that Quinn knows about the video, she will not hesitate to taunt Brooke about it. This will only fuel Brooke’s hatred towards her. What will Quinn say? Will she make a comment on Bill or on Brooke? Whatever she says, Brooke will start panicking after that. While the party is in full swing, she will try to find the video and get rid of it.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bridget To Surprise Ridge And Brooke

Bridget will surprisingly come to the party that Eric is hosting. This will pleasantly surprise Ridge and Brooke. In fact, Brooke will be thrilled to see her daughter. Unfortunately, Brooke has other things on the mind too. She wants to destroy that video. Bridget has come for a joyful celebration that will turn into an unpleasant one. This may trigger her past memories of when her mother betrayed her with her husband, Deacon.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Things To Turn Sour

As soon as Quinn’s plan starts playing out, things will take a sour turn. Eric will announce that he is going to show everyone something. It is a tribute to the happy couple. It might have a memory stick with all the pictures of the couple over the years. Will Quinn swap that memory card with another card that has Bill and Brooke’s video? If it is that, everyone there will inevitably be shocked.

Quinn Is Satisfied!

If there is someone who would enjoy watching this whole thing roll out is Quinn. She will watch Brooke suffer from pity as she pays the price for not only cheating on her husband but also her sister Katie. Quinn wants everyone to see who Brooke really is. Recently Quinn spoke to Shayna about how Stephanie hated Brooke for years.

It looks like this will all get very interesting. How will Ridge when he sees that video? Whatever happens, it will just complete the dose of entertainment in the lives of the viewers. So don’t miss any action. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and B&B updates for upcoming episodes.