The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Offers Sally Something She Can’t Refuse

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful fans didn’t take it by surprise when Ridge intervened in the argument going on with his wife as well as his old wife. This is a vindictive situation for Ridge considering that his wife did to him what is actually going on with her. He is fond of attention. Maybe that is the reason why he can’t get this all to stop even when he can. He isn’t giving up communicating with his ex-wife. Moreover, he is actually enjoying the situation as it unfolds.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor Is Not In The Mood To Back Off!

Taylor kissing Ridge is something his wife doesn’t appreciate. Brooke now knows that Taylor doesn’t have any intentions of quitting or backing off. In the meantime, Liam’s brother is presenting a tough series of questions, and we can see him struggling through them. He is definitely not in the right place currently. But Wyatt is not that kind of brother who straightaway starts giving lousy advice. Instead, he asks his brother some questions that can get him to ponder over the implications. Who knows, this might help Liam get his life back on track!

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: What’s Next?

Ridge is going to take a glace at Sally’s line instead of opening her fashion house and moving over to the Spencer Publications. It is a lucrative offer with a high level of honesty. He is working towards the goal, at the same time, keeping their future in mind. It seems like there is nothing that can change her feelings about opening up her own fashion house. However, if the offer seems viable, she might surprise fans by accepting it.

Quinn Fuller Forrester’s Visitor From The Past

Quinn Fuller Forrester is all set to play the favorite when a visitor from her past knocks on her door. Even though she has been in Vegas for quite some time, she is likely to remember his son’s girlfriend distinctly. Florence Fulton and Wyatt Spencer were high-school sweethearts. Flo is speculated to feel really guilty about the whole baby switch incident that she is likely to pay a visit to Spencer publications. She isn’t able to forgive herself regarding what she did to Hope. She will confess to Wyatt in an attempt to gain his sympathy. To her surprise, Wyatt will have a whole other request which is going to touch his former girlfriend.

The Bold and The Beautiful: Flo And Quinn’s Reunion

Wyatt asks Flo whether she wants to meet his mother. Flo will be touched by the offer and will be thrilled to meet Quinn again. When Quinn and Wyatt fled to Las Vegas, they didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Flo. If Quinn plays favorites, Flo might gain an edge over Wyatt’s current flame Sally Spectra who isn’t going to be happy about it. Wyatt will ask Quinn to apologize to Sally.

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