‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy’s Return & A New Guest Star

The Bold and the beautiful Spoilers

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, the famous The Bold And The Beautiful star had been on maternity leave for about two months. Her experience with her baby boy Rise has been a remarkable one. We have seen some beautiful pictures of the talented actress attaining motherhood and embracing her experiences as a mother. However, after eight weeks of the time she spent at home, the actress has announced that it’s time to be back to work. During the week of April 29th, the star is expected to return to The Bold And The Beautiful.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy’s Return Enhances Phoebe’s Drama

When Steffy makes her grand return, automatically, the drama around Phoebe is going to intensify to its core. Phoebe is Beth and Flo wants the truth revealed as soon as possible. Shauna and Zoe are the only two people holding her back. Steffy is happy that Kelly is going to have a sister to make her life more joyous. Unfortunately, she has no idea that the innocent baby is going to be snatched away from her pretty soon. However, she has made it clear that they are going to have to battle her in court. Even though Liam will act as a peacemaker, he is going to know that this isn’t fair to Steffy.

B&B: What Else Is Going On?

As far as the other cast news for The Bold And The Beautiful is concerned, Nicola Posener is supposed to reprise her role as Amelia, the nanny. Thomas Forrester convinced her to send a video of Kelly. He then showed Hope that Kelly is calling for her father in the video. He cleverly managed to make Hope talk Liam into visiting Paris. Little do they all know that Thomas is pursuing Hope. He has planned to take full advantage of the time Liam is away on his trip. During that time, he wishes to have Hope all to himself.

Phoebe is also going to make an appearance on 1st May. Hope will feel a close bond with the baby as she is a Logan. Mariana Paola Vicente, the Former Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2010 is also going to guest star as Pearl. At the same time, Ridge is going to ask Shauna to put on one of his designs. Henry Joseph Saimiri is also due for making his return as Douglas Forrester on The Bold And The Beautiful. Apparently, Thomas won’t hesitate to use his son as a bait to attract Hope towards the family. He also drew a picture of Hope that said I love you. Thomas showed it to her and told her that it was his son who drew the picture. Obviously, Hope was touched.

How do you think Steffy’s return after two months is going to impact the show? What will be Phoebe’s fate? Will Steffy be able to prevent the others from taking Phoebe away from her? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and B&B updates for upcoming episodes.


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