The Bold and the Beautiful Two Weekly Spoilers: Sally To Create Problems For Wyatt!

The Bold and the Beautiful

The coming two weeks will bring some shockers and shakeups in The Bold and the Beautiful. During the week of 20-24 January, Sally might make things trickier for Wyatt, Sally to make things clear for Flo. Along with that, Katie might become Sally’s support system in the upcoming week. Thomas will also be on cloud nine when he gets to comfort Hope. So are more details about what might happen in the forthcoming episodes of the soap opera.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Sally To Make Things difficult for Wyatt

In the week of January 20-24, Sally Spectra will make sure that Wyatt Spencer’s breakup doesn’t go on easily. He will try to make it clear that he wants to call their engagement off, but it seems like Sally isn’t ready to understand what Wyatt is trying to explain to her. After all this, Sally might even have a confrontation with Flo Fulton. The bold and the beautiful spoilers reveal that Sally might take some time, but eventually, she will adjust with the truth that things are over with her and Wyatt.

The Bold and the Beautiful

In the coming week, Sally will make it clear to Flo that she is done with Wyatt, and we give her our best wishes for that. Does Sally think that Wyatt might burn Flo, too? We don’t know that yet.

Katie To Become Sally’s support system 

After Sally makes her peace with whatever happened between her and Wyatt, she will start concentrating on another project she has. She will go to see a doctor and tell him all the strange things she has been feeling lately. She has been anxious at Job for some time now. Sally will also discuss with her doctor about the headaches and the dizziness she has been having. She might have to undergo some tests after the doctor-patient chit-chat. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that sooner or later Sally will receive her reports, and she will be entirely shattered after seeing them.

The Bold and the Beautiful

At this time of need, Katie will become Sally’s support system. She will understand what Sally is going through and also offer her a piece of advice. After all of this, Katie will tell Wyatt that Sally is a survivor. Now we don’t know what does this means if it’s about some health issues.

Wyatt and Sally To Have Another heart-to-heart

Although this is Sally’s secret, Kathie has hinted a few things that have made Wyatt think of what’s happening.  Now, it looks like Sally and Wyatt may soon have another heart to heart. This will bring the two more closure. Wyatt suspects that something is up with Sally, but he won’t be able to guess what it could be. He has an idea that this is something more than the breakup pain. Sally won’t reveal everything just now.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas To Be On Cloud Nine

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week reveal that Thomas Forrester will be on cloud nine as he will get to comfort Hope Logan. Thomas will back up Hope as she decides to go after Liam Spencer. Thomas will track down Steffy Forrester later to make sure that she doesn’t give out anything about his Thoma’s Steam Kiss spectacle. Steffy was a full-fledged participant in the Lope destruction. Now it’s her need to come out clean and lie to Liam. Even if it is a lie of omission.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn Forrester to plot a revenge

Quinn Forrester is all equipped to plot vengeance in the upcoming episodes. She will make sure to show Brooke her place, which has been asking Eric to end his marriage. Eric kicking Shauna out of the house will only add fuel to the fire. Quinn will be angry all over again when it comes to this.  She will tell Ridge and Eric that she is nowhere bowing down to Brooke.

The Bold and the Beautiful

All this heat will only brew in the week of January 27-31. In the week to come, Thomas will track Quinn and propose to her. He knows how much Quinn hates Brooke so that Thomas will use it for his purpose. Thomas will try to team with Quinn to takedown Brooke all at once. So, whatever it maybe, you can be sure of a big war full of drama and hostility.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Other Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal Quinn will hear Brooke telling her husband that she will kick Quinn out of her own house. This will only make Quinn furious. Now it’s to see whether or not she will team up with Thomas.

The Bold and the beautiful looks quite promising for the coming two weeks. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and B&B updates for upcoming episodes.

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