‘The Young And The Restless’ Comings And Goings For October 2019: Shockers Coming For Genoa City

The Young And the restless Spoilers

‘The Young And The Restless’ Comings And Goings for October are going to bring some familiar faces back into town. It’s going to be a shicker for fans as well as GC residents. Let’s take a look.

Lauren Woodland as Brittany Hodges Comes To Represent Devon

Devon seems to be tired of Amanda Sinclair and the whole Hilary’s doppelganger thing. He wants Brittany Hodges to represent him and deal with Amanda as he doesn’t buy her story. General Hospital star Vincent Parise is also rumored to appear in Genoa City. He is likely to introduce a whole new character named Simon Black.

He is going to be around for a multiple-episode arc. So viewers can prepare themselves for some world-class drama. The actor played Detective Dom Ohanian on DOOL and Asmodeus on Supernatural. We won’t get to see him anytime soon. But since he is going to play a mysterious stranger, the plot will surely thicken.

Lily Winters Back on The Young And The Restless

Fans recently saw a picture of Christel Khalil and Mishel Morgan together on Instagram. Khalil had been filming for some time. Lily has formed a close bond with the prisoners whom she has been working with. But with Katherine’s will taking form and Amanda’s return, it seems like Lily will find a way back to her old stomping ground. She left Cane and her life in the city for good. We last saw Lily in Neil’s funeral, which was a heartbreaking loss for all.

The young and the restless

What’s Going To Happen On The Young And The Restless?

With Brittany keeping tabs ion Amanda and casting details about Katherin’s will, it would be interesting to watch Devon’s reaction. Fans remember how Hilary’s visions kept Devon and Elena from getting close. It affected their relationship, and it’s going to be intense when someone who looks just like Devon’s dead wife shows up.

Amanda also seems to be a mysterious character. The fact that Devon is not buying her original story can be an indication that there is something more to the storyline. Moreover, he has been through a lot lately, and his current focus is on preventing his legacy from slipping away.

As for Vincent Parise, he is known to add profound drama wherever he goes. Seeing him from his past shows, we can say that his entry in Genoa City is sure to stir the air. It will definitely add to the mystery. Do you think the upcoming story arcs are interesting? Let us know how you feel about the entry on The Young And The Restless in the comments below.

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