The Young And The Restless: May 2019 – Plot Details & Spoilers

The Young And The Restless

The Young And The Restless has been keeping fans on the hook as far as some interesting storylines are concerned. Even though we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, let’s take a look at some fascinating plot predictions for May 2019.

The Young And The Restless: Who Is The Father Of Mia’s Baby?

Mia’s baby’s paternity is soon to be revealed on Young And The Restless. We are still confused whether it is Rey or Arturo. Another tidbit is that the actress playing Mia is going to depart soon from Young And The Restless. At the end of May, the actor playing Arturo is also about to make his exit. This suggests that the baby is likely to be Arturo’s and the couple reunites to start a new life outside of  Genoa City. In the meantime, Cane will turn to Jill for support. With Neil passing away, he might need some help mending issues with Lily.

Speaking of Neil’s death, Devon is speculated to suffer a lot in the upcoming episodes. His sadness is likely to affect the way he feels about a romantic relationship right now. The possibility is that he is not ready for one. Another news on the Mia front is that Paul will confront her about Lola’s attack.

What’s Going On With Phyllis?

Phyllis and Lauren’s friendship is under danger as Phyllis take us a new corporate venture. This would be sad considering how tight they have been for a long time. Phyllis is likely to give Fenmores a tough competition which might not go well with Lauren. Michelle Stafford is leaving the role of Nina in General Hospital and will be back to Young And The Restless to reprise her role as Phyllis. The actress Gina Tognoni who is currently playing the role of Phyllis is likely to be out of Genoa city soon.

Kyle And Lola Take It To The Next Level

Kyle and Lola are unable to compromise on their bond even though Kyle is a married man now. In the upcoming episodes, Kyle is going to sleep with Lola. Currently, he is hiding this from Summer. But one thing is for sure. He has devoted himself to Loa and promised to love her forever. However, Summer is not ready to give up on her marriage that easily. She is not going to stop trying to get him back into her web. Even though they have broken up, for now, Summer is not in the mood to give up Kyle.

Rey Pursues Victor; Mariah, Tessa, And Ana’s Conflict

Tessa will gain success in her music career with Mariah being the supporting girlfriend. However, Ana will tell Mariah to back off which can cause conflicts. Sharon and Rey might discover something related to Victor’s secret plans. It has something to do with Adam Newman which is certainly going to surprise them all. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Y&R The Young and the Restless Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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