‘The Young and The Restless’ Spoilers For Week Of Oct 7: New CEO of Newman Enterprises

The Young And The Restless

The Young and the Restless Spoilers reveal there is lot going to happen next week, and you wouldn’t believe what exactly is going to happen. For the coming week, the Newman family will have yet another drama coming their way. Victoria and her father, Victor Newman, will have to deal with a conflict with each other.

The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Victor Might Make A Bold Move

Celeb Dirty Laundary reveals Victor would talk to Nikki Newman about his upcoming bold move that might induce a major plot twist. Newman Enterprises had already been dealing with a lot of upheavals when Victor faked his own death!

Although this whole incident was just a stint to get Adam Newman to confess that he had double-dosed Victor’s medications, apart from that, even the business partners believed that Victor was indeed dead and it obviously troubled the company tremendously. And why wouldn’t it? In this business world, one thing you really need is a good perception, and after this ruse, anyone would have a hard time believing him.

Will Victor Become The CEO of Newman Enterprises?

Victoria had been the CEO through the whole fiasco and if anything, she handled the situation like a pro. But with the latest advancements, Victor will think that it would be best if he returns to Newman Enterprises. And when this does happen, Victoria will be demoted to COO while Victor takes the top position as the CEO.

Needless to say, it wouldn’t settle with Victoria. She will skewer Victor’s portrait with a letter opener out of anger. She even walks up to her father and says that she is best suited to be the CEO of the enterprise, and if he refuses to do so then from thereon, he should consider their relationship over. At this point, Victoria is overpowered by her ambition and will think that Victor made her the CEO to make a statement to Adam and it’s not fair to remove her when she’s doing a fine job.

Billy Abbott Might Offer Victoria A Position At Jabot

Seeing the man that Victor is, it will be very unlikely that he lets Victoria be the CEO. Meanwhile, when all this is happening, Billy Abbott will offer Victoria a position at Jabot. Taking this as an opportunity, she will consider the offer because she now wants to take now Victor with everything she’s got and this might be her chance.

The Young and The Restless Spoilers For Next Week: A Family War Is About To Happen

Nikki will be upset seeing the dire conditions of her family. In fact, she even tries talking to Victor about it. Nikki is upset because instead of bringing the family together, he is only stretching them far apart. Not to forget, the trauma he made Summer Newman and Connor Newman go through with his death ruse.

Devon Tells Theo That His Ego Will Be His Downfall

In other spoilers, Devon will tell Theo that his ego and his ambition will be his downfall. He finds Theo a liability and fires him. Meanwhile, Phyllis tells Adam that she’ll play for chips but not for money. With the latest spoilers, we know one thing that serious drama is about to unfold with the Newmans! Let us know how you feel about the entry on The Young And The Restless in the comments below.

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Burma Carr
Burma Carr

I really don’t want to see the Newman family fall apart again. I would love to see a happy relationship from somebody. Please don’t let Devon fall for the Hillary look alike. I have watched this show from the very beginning and I love it. But sometimes I hate the plots


This is just getting old. How many times will Victor put Victoria in charge and then change his mind. I liked the new calmer Victor and for me, it just “stinks”! Victoria should go and work at Jabot and that means, his daughter and his granddaughter are not working at Newman but at Jabot! We wonder where Adam gets his ego – well, like Father like Son and I wouldn’t be hurt, if both of them were finished with the show. Again, we’re starting old story lines again and it’s time to get a different story line or I for… Read more »