‘The Young and The Restless’ Spoilers: Phyllis Stuck In A New Love Triangle

The Young and The Restless Spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal that there will be much bonding and rivalries coming up in the next episodes. There are significant catfights, shouting, and clashes waiting for the Y&R fans.

The Young and The Restless spoilers unveil details about a new love triangle that might be brewing on the soap. Donny Boaz recently made a debut as Phillip “Chance” Chancellor in the soap. Since he is back in the show, sooner or later, he will need a love affair. There are two potential options in the run at this point. The show writers might choose both at this initial point.

More Catfights and Shouting might be coming in Young and the Restless

Love triangles have always been the lungs of daily soaps. They are usually fun because of all the rivalries and clashes they come with. The Young and The Restless writers have so far made clear that Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway), don’t get along well. They may have compromised and become partners in the Grand Phoenix, but their hostility hasn’t yet resolved. Phyllis may have made her way back by hook or crook into the deal, Abby is being forced to keep up with her.

The Young and The restlessBoth Abby and Phyllis find reasons and opportunities to get into battles with each other. This might seem like a perfect opportunity to get into one. Abby and Phyllis might battle to get all of Chance’s affection in the upcoming episode. This could lead to some severe catfights and Shouting in the show.

Will Chance and Abby’s bonding might make Phyllis Jealous.

Chance is more of an arrogant man, which Phyllis has pointed out earlier. He thinks that the majority of people find arrogance a bit charming, and deep down, Phyllis agrees to that. Phyllis herself is a bit of an arrogant person herself, so she kind of relates to that aspect of Charles.

Howbeit, Both Abby and Phyllis are essential to Charles. The episode that aired on 12th November reveals so. They both play critical roles in the plot to end the hostage crisis. It might be a hint of what’s to come. Maybe both of them could become important in Chance’s brewing love life.

The way Chance reacted to Abby’s involvement; fans can assume that the two of them will be spending some time together and bond. Phyllis, on the contrary, might not like that. She has been curious about Chance since she became aware of his connection with Adam. Young and Restless might be developing a story for Chance and Phyllis to be a couple for some time.

Will Abby Get Lucky This Time?

When it comes to love, Abby is the unluckiest person in the soap world. Abby, this time again, might be getting in for yet another heartbreak.

Chance doesn’t seem like a good and right match for Abby. Their romance might not be in for the long term. Y&R usually sets him up into love affairs that end up being disastrous, and Chemistry free that never work.

The Young and The restless

Will Phyllis Win Chance’s Affection?

If the show writers decide to develop this love triangle story, Phyllis might win this battle. Chance is an adventure-loving guy who would choose a firecracker like Phyllis over someone like Abby. In the upcoming episodes of Young and Restless, it is assured that the two of them will spend more of their time together.

It seems like The Young and The Restless will bring more drama and romance in the coming episodes. Stay tuned for more.

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