‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: What’s Happening With Ana?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers

The upcoming The Young And The Restless Spoilers are all about Ana, Devon’s sister who is back after a while. However, she looks a little different than before. Since November 2018, Loren Lott has taken over the role of Ana. She is excited to play a role in a soap opera. She wants to build something she can call hers. Her manager is well aware of this fact.

She moved away from New York to get close to her grandparents. The star wanted them to see her career grow. And by the grace of God, they have watched her in two blockbusters and a daily soap regularly. She is an American Idol contestant. However, after two rounds, she was eliminated. Loren then starred in Powe, Greenleaf, Born for This, Motown the Musical, and Once On This Island. When she signed up for The Young And The Restless, she was excited that this show has given rise to so many successful careers.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers: All You Need To Know About Ana’s Date

Mariah and Ana are clashing over Tessa’s music career. They might end up arguing about Tessa and her look for the show. According to speculations, most of the fans are saying that the entire chaos is a result of Ana liking Tessa. She is probably jealous of Mariah’s relationship with her and somehow wants to swoop in. In an interview with American Idol alum Loren Lott, she mentioned that the actor who plays Devon wants her to have a love interest real soon. He loves the idea of teasing his on-screen sister about the same.

Y&R Spoilers: What Does Lott Think?

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SWIPE! As many of u May know Shemar Moore is my biggest celebrity crush. So my tv brother @brytonejames told him that I loved him and to mess with me. He didn’t the whole day (mind you we were all crying all day. The saddest day I’ve ever spent on a set) but at the end of the day I asked for a picture lol he picked me up in his arms and took pictures with me, then he put me down and planted one on me. Strictly to mess with me while Bryton took pictures lol. It was hilarious and I totally died. Imagine ur celebrity crush kissing u😂 EVERYONE behind the scenes was watching and they laughed and called me miss Moore for the next like 2 days. Anyway my life was made and Shemar was actually so cool and getting to see him act live and sing for him was great. He’s soooo good. Especially to push through the way he did. I was grateful that even with all the tears we all still found a way to have good time! Good one Bryton! I love u forever 😂😂😂💙💚

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The actress doesn’t see her character shacking up with Tessa. Most of the viewers are speculating that she might strike up a romantic connection with Nate. However, Nate seems to be too close to Abby. He probably wants to see a future where he is with Abby. Ana is nowhere in this picture. In fact, the actress actually has a brilliant idea for her date. She says that the showrunners can pair her up with Shemar Moore. Even though the age gap is massive, but that doesn’t matter. Lott is waiting for the day when the two of them get to play the role of an on-screen couple.

When Malcolm returned to the sets, she took it by surprise. The actress was astonished to meet the legend. Her on-screen brother clicked pictures as he told Moore that she loved him! The celebrity kiss was an extraordinary moment for Loren. She also got to sing for him, which made the entire day even more special.

Mariah is interfering in Ana’s work, and she obviously doesn’t like it. Is it just that or there is some other reason behind Ana behaving oddly lately? Does she like Tessa and wants Mariah out of the way? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Y&R The Young and the Restless Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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