Agents of Shield Season 7: Time Travel, MCU Nod, Filming Complete & All

Agents Of Shield Season 7

Are you up for the final Spy’s Goodbye? Agents of Shield Season 7 is going to be the last installment of this series. The Superhero series set in MCU has won hearts all around the globe. The final season of the series will definitely be an emotional one. However, a lot of details about the action, cameo, and other exciting scenarios have come out for Season 7.

The finale of Season 6 aired on 2nd of August. The episode featured a lot of twists and turn. Therefore, setting the Agents of Shield Season 7 for a thrilling start. With Disney+ streaming service coming in action, most of the Marvel shows saw their end. Well, AOS had a good run, and the end is inevitable!

So a lot of things are going to happen in Season 7. There will be a cameo. There might be a time travel too (again?). We might see the deaths of a few characters. Well, when Season 7 will premiere? What is the progress of the show? How many episodes in the series finale? Here’s all you need to know about Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 7 –

Time Travel Is On The Table For Season 7 Too

At the end of Season 6, we saw the team went through time travel. Well, the things are now set in the 1930s New York. Season 7 will pick right up from there. Apart from all this, the Earth is invaded by Chronicoms. The Chronicoms intent to make the Earth their new home. However, the SHIELD is in their path.

We can expect that as usual, the team will find a way, and come back to the standard time (if there’s a thing like that!). Season 7 will see the team battling up against there worst enemies. Thus, all in all, Season 7 of Agents of Shield will be a heavy dose of action, suspense, drama, well, everything Marvel brings with its name!

An MCU Nod In Agents of Shield Season 7

Keep your nerves, hold your hearts, control the excitement! There will be a small MCU nod in the Season 7. The co-showrunner of Agents of Shield, Jed Whedon revealed this in an interview with TV Line. Whedon said that there is going to be one tiny little MCU nod, and reemphasized Just a nod! A tiny nod.

However, for the millions of fans of the show, this is not tiny. Everyone is excited and trying to guess who they are going to see. Will we see The Doctor Strange handling the time complexity himself? Well, only time will tell that!

Progress and Episode Count for The Final Season

If you are not enough emotional yet, then you are about to. The filming for the Agents of Shield Season 7 has completed. The production ended on the 30th of July. The Cast shared emotional messages on their social media accounts regarding their fantastic journey with this show.

The final season of the Agents of Shield will consist of 13 episodes. All major characters are expected to return for Season 7 too. A new Coulson LMD will ensure that we will not miss the Clark Gregg’s character.

Premiere Date of Agents of Shield Season 7

Agents of Shield Season 7 has yet not got an official premiere date. However, the filming for the show is complete. Although the show requires a lot of post-production work. Therefore, it will return for one last time in the summer of 2020.


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