Alexa and Katie Season 3: Release Date Confirmed By Netflix! More Details

Alexa & Katie Season 3

Alexa and Katie Season 3 is finally returning on Netflix. Our leading ladies will be back together for another set of episodes this year. Well, previously, an actor spilled the premiere date of our favorite series. Netflix has finally spoken up on the same and has announced the official release date. So when are they arriving? Here’s everything to know.

Netflix’s amazing sitcom is one of the sweetest teen shows on the platform. It features the lead actresses, Paris Berelc and Isabel May, as Alexa and Katie, respectively. As the girls start their freshman year, they soon come across a crisis as Alexa discovers that she has cancer. Upon beginning treatment, the best friends start feeling like outsiders in high school. Furthermore, the duo navigates through all the troubles while dealing with the fatal disease.

Alexa and Katie Season 3: Renewal

Heather Wordham’s Alexa and Katie may not be one of the most commercial teen shows on the streamer, but it surely is an adored one. With its debut back in March 2018, the series began to loot our hearts with its sweet and simple storyline. The response from the second part was pretty impressive as well. Hence, Netflix barely took any time to renew Alexa and Katie Season 3. The news came out in February 2019, a few months after Season 2’s premiere.

Production Details

The cast and crew of Alexa and Katie Season 3 had been filming for the series from even before the summer. The team went on a break during the Summers and soon wrapped the shoot. In fact, they also had a S3 Wrap Party in late-October 2019. None of the actors have had mentioned the end of productions until now. However, child actor Finn Carr, who plays the role of Katie’s younger brother on the show, uploaded a few pictures from the party.

Actors Spill The Release Date

Way back in late-October, actor Emery Kelly spilled the release date of the upcoming season. Both Finn Carr and Emery has put up posts upon the production wrap. In the posts, they mention that the third installment is set to premiere on December 30, 2019. However, we were all awaiting confirmation from the streamer.

Alexa and Katie Season 3: Premiere Date Confirmed By Netflix

Netflix took some time to confirm the rumored release date of the popular series. Well, the actors turned out to be right. Alexa and Katie Season 3 premieres on December 30, 2019. The news was confirmed through various social media posts by cast and crew members. Besides, our leading ladies took over the sitcom’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts to inform us all about their return.

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The popular streaming giant is known for its heart-warming content. Fans around the world adored Alexa & Katie’s story and wanted to watch more of it. Hence, the renewal of the series came as a delight for all of us. Season 3 is just two months away, and it’s getting harder and harder to wait for it. Are you excited too? Tell us in the comments below.

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