American Gods Season 3: What Is Lakeside? When Will It Release?

American Gods Season 3

As we’ve finally reached the dramatic end of the second season, fans need to know where we’re going in American Gods Season 3. The Starz premium network series is based on Neil Gaiman’s popular novel of the same name. Hence, viewers who’ve read his novel have higher expectations from the upcoming season. According to the book, Shadow Moon will now move to the mysterious place known as Lakeside.

Initially premiered in 2017, the fantasy-drama has won many awards for the brilliant first installment. American Gods is a huge commercial success for Starz and Amazon Prime Video. It has a huge following that looks forward to many more upcoming seasons. Moreover, the series is praised for the eye-catching visual style and acting.

‘American Gods’ brings us this pseudo world of magic that revolves around Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). After being in prison for a while, Moon finally comes close to his release day. However, just days before his release, his wife Laura Moon (Emily Browning) meets with an accident. While on the way to her funeral, Shadow meets a mysterious man called Mr. Wednesday.

Mr. Wednesday offers him a job, and they move to the world of magic. This new world struggles with the combat between the Old Gods and the New Gods. The story escalates, and here we are at the end of the second season where Moon discovers that Wednesday was actually his father. Tired of the mess between the Gods, Shadow picks up a new identity and decides to leave town. However, they’ve hinted that he is heading to ‘Lakeside’ and here is everything we know about it.

American Gods Season 3: What Is Lakeside?

Lakeside has a different kind of importance in the story as per the book. As in the novel, Shadow Moon spends some time in Lakeside, Wisconsin. He puts on a new identity and pretends to be Michael Ainsel. This was clearly shown in the previous season where the cops catch Shadow. However, he is let go as they do not find anything wrong with him. Then he checks his driver’s license and finds a different name on it. His name and address magically, and he’s finally ready to go.

American Gods Season 3

The previous installment also hinted that Mr. Wednesday might be faking his identity in some way; however, more cleverly than Shadow. If not then possibilities point towards Bilquis, who may be behind helping Shadow change his identity. Moreover, Jinn could also be one of the people behind the same. Any particular reason is yet to be disclosed by Starz.

American Gods Season 3: Old Gods Vs. New Gods

Since the very first season, Mr. Wednesday has been eager to start a war between the Old Gods and the New Gods. However, plans didn’t turn out to be in his support. Shadow Moon gives on it as well. Wednesday now has two people, The Jinn and Laura Moon swearing to kill him. The fantasy world is complicated, yet fascinating and American Gods Season 3 will continue the legacy.

American Gods Season 3

American Gods Season 3: When Will It Be Out?

Due to continually changing showrunners, the series has had difficulties in starting its production. Jesse Alexander replaced Bryan Fuller and Michael Green as the showrunners in the second season. However, for the third season, Charles Eglee is set to serve as showrunner. Hopefully, this time, American Gods will not be as late as the previous season.

The debut season first came out in April 2017. Season 2 took two years to release and aired recently in March 2019. As this time there is no such showrunners issue as earlier, we may expect it to premiere sooner. We can expect the American Gods Season 3 to be out by the next year.

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