‘Anne With An E Season 3’: Anne Turns 16! Release Date, Cast & Spoilers

Anne With An E Season 3
CBS & Netflix

Anne Shirley finally returns to the television again. Our favorite character will be back in Anne With An E Season 3 soon. CBS and Netflix have finally given us a firm release date and an official trailer. The leading lady welcomes you to join her journey as she turns sixteen this season. Hence, here we have everything to know about it.

Actress Amybeth McNulty began to play the leading role back in 2017. The series is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 classic novel. Luckily, Amybeth became the perfect reimagination of the character. The original book, Anne Of Green Gables inspired plenty of TV shows and films in the past century. However, CBS and Netflix managed to leave a mark with Anne With An E. Fans and critics have praised the heart-warming creation.

The story of the show revolves around Anne, an outsider trying to fit herself in the pseudo world. The series describes the journey and hardship of this soulful girl. Both the previous seasons were received pretty well by the audience. Hence, the streamers decided to renew Anne With An E Season 3, soon after Season 2 had hit the screen.

Anne With An E Season 3: Official Trailer

After its renewal back in August 2018, the cast and crew began filming for the upcoming installment. The production continued for almost a year, and the popular streaming platforms announced the release. CBS and Netflix declared the premiere date back in July 2019 and gave us the first trailer.

Anne With An E Season 3: What Is It About?

Season 3 of the critically acclaimed program is going to be as soulful as both its previous installments. The trailer looks promising and assures us the right mix of feel-good entertainment and personal drama. Anne Shirley is finally turning sixteen this time. The character is slowly becoming a woman now and is gaining maturity day by day.

As the trailer hints, Anne is now serious to know more about her parents. She feels extra inspired to start the search for her true origin. However, it won’t be easy as plenty of challenges await the teenager on the way to find the truth. The video hints us that Anne’s journey won’t be smooth.

Anne’s Complicated Relationships

Anne With An E Season 3 will bring in complications in Anne’s future relationships. As per Bussiness Times, showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett reveals that the character will face complexities in personal bonds upon turning sixteen. Now that she’s turning mature, a new romance may appear in the upcoming installment. Most importantly, she will have to learn to handle the relations.

Anne With An E Season 3
CBS & Netflix

A Character To Face Their Tragic End

There have been a bunch of rumors around the internet that Season 3 may bring the demise of an important character. Ruby (Kyla Matthews) may face her tragic end if showrunners decide to follow the books. However, previous adaptations of the original novel have skipped several of such frightful deaths. Hence, there are chances that CBS and Netflix may do the same as none of the fans would want to lose the prominent character.

Anne With An E Season 3: Release Date

The streaming platforms have finally let out the official release date. Anne With An E Season 3 is set to telecast on CBS on September 22, 2019, at 8 pm. However, we are yet to know of its premiere on Netflix. Although as per speculations the third installment may soon be available for Netflix subscribers around the world as well.


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