Archer Season 11: Renewed, Premiere Date, Story-line And Everything

Archer Season 11

After the unbeaten streak of the ten seasons, it doesn’t come as a shock that FXX renews Archer Season 11. The famous Sci-fi spy series is all set to rock again after the announcement of the renewal of Season 11. The announcement for Season 11 came at SDCC even before the completion of Season 10. The news about the shows new season took its audience by a storm as previously the season 10 was speculated to be the last one of the series.

The spy based TV show made its debut in 2009, after that there is no looking back for the Archer. The series showcases the wild, unusual and weird adventures of the super-spy Sterling Archer and his spy team. The creators of the show amazed everyone by adding another season to the expenditure.

So What Will happen in Archer Season 11? What changes will occur? Who will feature in it? When will the show premiere? Here are all the details you need for the 11th installment of Archer –

Coma Time Is Over in Archer Season 11

The first seven seasons of the show were highly dramatic and adventurous. After the 7th season, Archer gets into a coma, and the plot of the show changed. The past three seasons got to see different themes and were side effects of Archer’s coma. In the San Diego Comic-Con 2019, the panel for the show confirmed that Archer would finally be waking up from his coma.

Ready to go into space
The whole crew

As the last three seasons showed Archer’s past while he was still in a coma, now the story will start over from where it ended in the 7th season. The creators of Archer in an interview with the EW revealed that almost three years have passed since Archer fell into a coma. Everything will be difficult for Archer once he wakes up in the new season of the show.

The Struggles and The New Cane For Archer

Matt Thompson, the co-creator and the executive producer of the show said that we would be going back to doing spy missions. Thompson also noted that the roles and the personalities of people would also change. Archer would not be the same as he was before the coma, both physically and mentally. After three years in bed, his muscles have lost all the strength, and he would not be able even to walk properly.

The creators also revealed that now Archer would be equipped with a tacti-cane. Tacti-cane is a cane with cool gadgets that would help Archer to cope up with his declined physical abilities.

Who Will Feature In Archer Season 11

Archer Season 10

As all the characters of the show have a significant influence on its run, the show will see all the actors bagging their voices again to their respective roles. H John Benjamin will voice the character of Sterling Archer. The voice actor and comedian has voiced Archer since the very beginning of the show. Besides Benjamin, the cast will join Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane. Amber Nash as Pam Poovey. Judy Greer as Aunt Carol. Lucky Yates as Dr. Krieger. Adam Reed as Ray Gillette, and many others.

Speculations are there that some new characters will also make their way on the screens in the Archer Season 11.

Archer Season 11 Release Date

As per now no official date for the release of Archer Season 11 is confirmed. However, FXX might repeat the pattern of releasing the show between March and May since the 7th season. Therefore, the premiere of the show is estimated to be in April 2020. The show as of the last season will see nine episodes on its run.


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