Atypical Season 3: Production Completed, Cast Addition, Plot & Release Date

atypical season 3

Atypical is one of the most binge-watches shows of Netflix in recent time. The show delves the audience into what Autism is and how it affects someone’s life. With Atypical Season 3 on its way, the fans are desperate to know what more is for Sam, and how will he deal with this Autistic Spectrum.

Netflix’s Atypical is a coming age drama, focuses on a teenager Sam, who has Autism, not to forget his love for Penguins. The boy even has to go through bullying and exploitation at school, alongside his family struggles with his behavior at the house. The show received immense popularity among teenage demographic as the show deals with such a crucial topic of today’s world.

Atypical Season 3: Production Wrapped Up

The filming work for Atypical completed last month, as announced by one of the cast members Nik Dodani (Zahid). And also, to celebrate the day, the actor also stated that he is going to get a new tattoo. The production work began in April 2019 and took almost three months to complete.

Atypical Season 3: Sara Gilbert Joining Third Season

The third season will feature Sara Gilbert (Leslie Winkle of The Big Bang Theory) as a recurring character in the show. She will play Professor Judd,  a university ethics professor who is generally irritable, strict, and mostly underwhelmed. The news came out from the actress’ official twitter handle.

Will and Grace star Eric McCormack is also going to join the third season of Atypical. McCormack will appear as Professor Shinerock, an eccentric university art professor who loves to challenge and motivate his students.

Atypical Season 3

Other than her, the entire cast of Atypical is returning for the third run of the show. Followed by the lead Keir Gilchrist as Sam, the cast list includes Amy Okuda as his therapist Julia Sasaki, Nik Dodani as his best friend Zahid, and Jeena Boyd as his girlfriend, Paige Hardaway. Coming to the family, Lundy-Paine plays Sam’s overprotective sister Casey along with their parents Jennifer Jason Leigh as Elsa Gardner and Michael Rapaport as Doug Gardner.

Atypical Season 3: Plot Details

The second season saw Sam opening from his covering and finally getting in s relationship with his classmate, Paige. Meanwhile, Casey discovered her sexuality, though that situation was quite surprising.

Atypical Season 3 will continue where the second season has left off. The upcoming season will pick up with Casey confronting her reality. However, the audience wants to know whether Sam would finally give up on his therapist Julia. She is the one whom he had been crushing from the first season or would focus more on his new love, Paige.


Also, the second season ended with Sam applying to university. His therapist Julia motivated him to take this huge step. Not just this, Sam also got selected for Denton University for Scientific Illustration course. Therefore, the third season would likely feature him dealing with his new life, at the university.

Also, the third season will see the parents Elsa and Doug working on their marriage. The second season saw their marriage almost hitting the ground when Elsa started an affair with a young bartender. It seems like the two will get back together in Atypical Season 3.

Atypical Season 3: Premiere Date

Both the previous seasons of Atypical premiered in the Autumn on Netflix. Therefore, the upcoming installment would also likely premiere in Autumn 2019. However, the official premiere date for Atypical Season 3 is yet to be made by Netflix. Till then, stay tuned for future updates.

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