Big Mouth Season 3: When Is It Coming Back And What Will Happen?

Big Mouth Season 3

It was a while since the release of the second season of Big Mouth, and Netflix decided to release a Valentine’s Day special episode. Big Mouth Season 3 was renewed back in November 2018. Fans of the show have appreciated the surprise episode and are excited about the upcoming installment.

Big Mouth co-creator Andrew Goldberg expresses his views about the individual episode. He says that the makers wanted to keep the viewers hooked to the series until Season 3 releases. As a result, viewers were given a sweet and comic Valentine’s day present. The special episode was given the title ‘My Furry Valentine.’ It features Matthew’s complicated 14th Feb experience.

Matthew, as an adolescent gay kid, wants to spend his Valentine’s Day traditionally. Like every other teenager, he wants to go on a date. However, the lack of gay kids in school makes him spend this special day with a girl instead. Then follows a series of awkward things that happen to him on his date.

The new episode hints us the possibilities for Big Mouth Season 3. Hopefully, Season 3 will be as epic as the previous seasons were. So, what is going to happen in the upcoming installment?

Details About Big Mouth Season 3

After the end of Season 2, all we expect is a non-awkward adolescence story. But, as nobody gets one in real life, neither will our heroes (Nick, Andrew, and Jessi). Hormone Monsters will always be there to make us laugh since they’re very relatable. On the other hand, Matthew was still struggling to figure out his sexuality.

Big Mouth Season 3

The third season of this adult sitcom may be kind to the gay kid. After struggling on his awkward Valentine’s day in the special episode, Matthew finally finds his match. At the end of the episode, he meets a cute guy, and they exchange their Instagram accounts.

This apparently means something cute is coming up for him in Big Mouth Season 3. Hopefully, Matthew will finally find his date this time.

Furthermore, the new season may tackle Nick’s messed up life. Earlier, he tries to grow breasts with the help of Connie the Hormone Monstress. While his friends ridicule him at school, Nick is yet to figure out the changes in his body. We may see more of Nick’s plotline in Season 3.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s story is going to take new turns. After he made a fool of himself trying to woo Missy, he ends up losing some hair to the Kangol hat. Though, we know that Andrew won’t stop here. Thus, we may expect him to win Missy back in Big Mouth Season 3.

Cast Of Big Mouth Season 3

Co-creator Nick Kroll is also the voice actor of several characters on the show. While he brilliantly plays Nick Birch, we cannot be less impressed by the Hormone Monsters. Kroll is also behind the voices of Coach Steve, Lola, Lady Liberty, and The Jansen Twins. Hence, he is sure to reprise all his characters in Season 3.

On the other hand, John Mulaney as Andrew will return to give a voice to our favorite character. Other important voice actors, Jessi Klein and Jason Mantzouskas will be back for another season.

We may undoubtedly expect new cast additions to Big Mouth Season 3. We may see Matthew’s new love interest, Aiden popping up in the story. There may be many more new characters as Matthew’s love story would not be easy. Aiden may bring a few new characters with him to the third season.

Release Date Of Big Mouth Season 3

The previous two seasons premiered on September 2017 and October 2018, respectively. Hence, observing the pattern of releases, the new season is expected to drop in the last quarter of 2019.

Big Mouth is known for tackling one of the most complex human issue, i.e., Adolescence. Despite being an animated series, it never fails to be relatable. Moreover, the show received much critical acclaim along with a loyal fanbase. The Big Mouth Season 3 is soon to release, and fans expect it to be grosser, funnier, smarter and way darker than ever.

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