Black Mirror Season 6: Canceled Or Renewed? When Will It Release?

Black Mirror Season 6

It has been a couple of months since the fifth season of Charlie Brooker’s psychological thriller released. Fans are now questioning about the future of Black Mirror Season 6. As of now, Netflix hasn’t spoken up about the renewal of another installment. Although as per the showrunners, possibilities for the return of the Emmy award-winning series are pretty high.

Black Mirror debuted years ago in 2011, on the British television network Channel 4. The series was then purchased by the popular streaming platform, Netflix. After years of mind-blowing sci-fi episodes, the streamer released the most profitable installment of all Black Mirror season. Premiered on June 5, 2019, Season 5 became a huge success. Despite that, it failed a lot of fans with less impactful episodes this season.

Black Mirror Season 6

Fans are now waiting for Black Mirror Season 6 to quench their thirst of good content. Charlie Brooker’s take on technology is unique and full of thrill. Luckily, it seems like he has better ideas for another installment. Here’s everything you need to know about the return of your favorite show.

Black Mirror Season 6: Renewal

It has almost been two months since the fifth installment of the series premiered. We haven’t heard of any official statement related to the renewal of Black Mirror Season 6 yet. However, the showrunners have previously stated that they’re already thinking about making another installment.

Show creator Charlie Brooker has tones of ideas to paint another tech-savvy installment. However, he still has to pick one of the ideas for his next creation. This suggests that Season 6 is almost certain to return. Hence, knowing the same, it’s less painful to wait for an official renewal by Netflix.

What Will Happen Next?

Since Black Mirror is an anthology series, it’s almost impossible to predict its plot. Moreover, Brooker’s out of the box ideas have no limits and can go in any direction for any season. As of the upcoming installment, the creator has shown interest in using ‘Bandersnatch-like’ concept next time. He feels that the interactive format holds much potential and can further be used in a future season of the show.

Black Mirror Season 5

The special Black Mirror film, Bandersnatch introduced the unique concept of interaction with the audience in between the plot. The format was widely appreciated. The show-creator is confident about his ideas, and rightfully so, we hope that he levels-up the game in Season 6. However, Brooker and Netflix are yet to let out any official statement about the plot.

Who Is In The Cast Of Season 6?

The series picks up different stories every episode. As per the need, it eventually changes the set of actors as well. Hence, Black Mirror Season 6 will also have a brand-new set of cast members. Although, Netflix is fully interested to call in a few pop-stars and known celebrities for his future project.

Black Mirror Season 6

The fifth and latest installment of the series included some of the most famous celebrities. The highlight of the entire season was Miley Cyrus who played the role of pop-star Ashley and her robot AI version, Ashley Too. It’ll be exciting to see which next celebrity features in Black Mirror Season 6.

Black Mirror Season 6: Premiere Date

Black Mirror is infamous for its delayed and uneven release pattern. Most of the installments took more than a year to hit the screens again. Hence, Black Mirror Season 6 is expected to take almost the same time to return. The series may premiere towards the end of 2020 or early 2021. Since Netflix hasn’t announced a renewal, we may have to wait for a while to get a firm air date.


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