Black Summer Season 2: Renewal, Release Date, Plot And Cast Details

Black Summer Season 2

Will the new age zombie series from Netflix be returning for Black Summer Season 2? Fans from all around the world are asking the same question, and the streaming platform is yet to answer our pleads. The post-apocalyptic drama debuted recently in April 2019. Produced by The Asylum, Black Summer has a brilliant set of cast members including leading lady, Jaime King.

The story of the show follows King as a mother separated from her daughter during the zombie apocalypse. Her character, Rose embarks on a harrowing journey to find her daughter, Anna (Zoe Marlett). Alongside Spears, Sun, William and Lance, Rose deals with the deadliest summer ever. This small group of humans gives the zombies a really tough fight.

Black Summer Season 2: Renewal

Netflix usually takes almost a month before renewing any new series. The renewal entirely depends upon how the performs. Speculations suggest that Black Summer has received much popularity amongst the masses. Hence, it holds a higher chance to return for a second run. Although, we may need to wait for days until the streaming platform decides to release Season 2.

Black Summer Season 2: What’s Happening Next?

The finale of the first season was pretty logical and satisfactory. The story did not actually leave major plot holes to be picked in the next installment. Hence, it’s hard to predict what may happen next in the series. However, there may be a few undiscussed facts from Season 1 that might become the central theme of Season 2.

Black Summer Season 2

Rose accomplished her primary mission to find her daughter. This potentially closes her narrative loop. However, Black Summer hasn’t ended, and people are still in danger. Currently, the mother-daughter duo has nobody to protect them any further. The two of them will still have to survive anyhow and Season 2 may focus on the same theme.

On the other hand, Spears (Justin Chu Cary) has also completed his character arc. He pledged to protect Rose until she reunites with her daughter. Now that they have met, Spears may not have a very meaningful role ahead. Similarly, most of the characters have fulfilled everything of importance, and now we’ve to wonder what may happen next.

We can still hope for Season 2 emphasis on Lance (Kelsey Flower). The character got separated from the group. At this point, we don’t really know what has happened with him since then. The new season may follow him on his survival journey after detaching from the group.

Black Summer Season 2: Who Will Return?

Jaime King as Rose has been the highlight of the series. Hence, it’s pretty apparent that the young lady may reprise her role from Season 1. Other notable characters such as Anna, Sun (Christine Lee) and Spears may also be back with new purposes this time. If Black Summer Season 2 decides to follow Lance’s journey, then Kelsey Flower will have to back again.

Black Summer Season 2

Sadly, we may not get to see William (Sal Velez, Jr) and Ryan (Mustafa Alabssi) any more as the two were shot and killed. Moreover, Barbara (Gwynyth Walsh) is also not expected to return after her cruel fate. However, Carmen (Erika Hau) may reprise his role, but this time he won’t be a human anymore. It’s likely that we may see a zombie version of him in Season 2.

Black Summer Season 2: Premiere Date

Netflix is yet to announce the renewal of the new age zombie series. Hence, it’s hard to guess a firm release date. However, as the previous season premiered in April 2019, we can expect Season 2 as early as Spring 2020.