Britannia Season 2: First look, Time Jump, Plot Details & Release Date

Britannia Season 2

Good news for the fans of Britannia, the historic Roman Empire saga is back for another run. Sky Atlantic renewed the show for ‘Britannia Season 2’ back in March 2018. Despite the mixed reviews, the fantasy series received the green light for its sophomore run. That is because, the series became a huge on-demand hit for Sky.

Britannia is a historical fantasy series set in AD 43. The Ferryman author Jez Butterworth pens the show. Britannia is the first collaboration series between the Sky and Amazon Prime Video. The show debuted on January 18, 2018, follows the Roman conquest of Britain.

Britannia Season 2: First Look From The Show

Britannia’s official Twitter handle recently posted the character’s first look from the second season. One of the pictures shows David Morrissey recurring in the role of Aulus, standing still as a proud ruler of Britannia.

Mackenzie Crook also shouts out in the picture from Britannia Season 2, but as Harka, the brother of Veran. Harka is described as ‘The Dead Man.’ Crook also played the role of Veran in the first season and will likely be seen in the second season as well.

Eleanor Worthington Cox will also reprise her role as Cait. She is the only person who can fulfill the prophecy and free the Britannia from the cruel Roman rule.

Cait- Britannia Season 2

What Will Happen in Britannia Season 2?

According to speculations, the second season will return with a two-year time jump into the future. General Aulus will continue his mission to kill the Celt tribe’s every single man alive who will try to rebel. Celtic Queen Amena (Annabel Scholey) will also help him in his urge to become the sole power.

However, the Queen also seemed scared about the spirits from her past. She thinks that the spirits will come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, the actions of Aulus are raising uncertainties for the Druids.

And for the Druids and Celts, Cait is the only hope that can save the Britannia from the punitive rule of Aulus. Druid Divis (Nicolaj Lie Kaas) has been briskly training and transforming her to complete the prophecy.

However, Veran and Harka’s epic battle of Wills will act as a threat to the prophecy. That battle will divide the Druids, which is not good.

Britannia Season 2 Release Date

Just after the release of the first season in the UK, Amazon Prime streamed the show worldwide. The first season of Britannia released on January 18, 2019. Therefore, Britannia Season 2 may premiere in the fall of 2019. However, Sky is yet to announce the premiere date for the second season. The audience is desperately waiting for the second season.

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