Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7: Spoilers, Plot Details, Release Date & More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7

The NYPD officers are back to tickle your funny bones. NBC has confirmed the renewal of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7. The announcement came a month after the sixth season’s premiere. The primary reason fans got glued to the series was the witty nature in which it portrayed some serious issues. It became an exciting combination of action and humor. The high appreciation for the show also made NBC extend the previous season’s episodes from thirteen to eighteen. This praise was a result of impeccable performances by the cast like Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumero, and Andre Braugher.

The show centers its lead character Jake Peralta (Andy), a naive but skilled NYPD detective who engages in disputes with his strict commanding officer, Captain Raymond Holt (Andre). He partners with Amy Santiago to solve criminal cases in the 99th precinct of Brooklyn. The show depicts other detectives’ life as well. Some of them are incompetent, some shy, and some aggressive. It shows how they cope with each other’s nature during their job.

The questions in the fan’s mind would be regarding the level of humor Season 7 will bring for them. And whether the detective’s job would get more dangerous or casual.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7: Things To Watch Out For

In Season 6 finale, the fans witnessed all the planning done to take down Kelly. But after that, Madaline Wuntch demoted Holt to cover the time he wasted as a patrolling officer. So, there is not much to predict for Season 7. But due to Holt’s demotion, Terry would stay at 99th Precinct and would not have to go 112th Precinct Staten Island. It could also result in Terry taking Wuntch’s place. Fans already know that Wuntch will only stay in the department until they find a replacement. The couple Amy and Jake also had several debated regarding having a child, so the fans could also see their child during Season 7.

What Was Cast’s Reaction On The Renewal?

The cast could not keep their cool after listening to the renewal news. And the crew was able to see the actors’ reactions on camera after the announcement of their return for Season 7. The whole group joined for a script read on the set. But little did they know that they would get a message that the production is delighted to have them on NBC and the creators would love to have them for another season.

That was the moment where the cast erupted into joy. Andy Samberg started punching the air and pounding on the table. An animated Terry Crews jumped up out of his seat throwing paper all over the table like confetti. Stephanie Beatriz looked startled as Dirk Blocker gave a standing ovation. This outburst showed the deep attachment the cast had with the series.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7: Release Date

The previous season shifted the month of the premiere from September to January. Therefore the fans can expect Brooklyn Nine-Nine to premiere during January 2020. Also, the season will initially have 13 episodes. There are very few shows that can boast about such high popularity as this one. It got picked up by NBC within 24 hours after Fox dropped it after the fifth season. This incident says a lot about the huge fanbase and potential of the show. So the viewers would have all eyes on the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7’ premiere.

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