Catastrophe Season 5: Chances Of The Show Getting Renewed, What Stars Are Saying?

catastrophe season 5

The fourth season of Catastrophe ended months ago, and since then fans have been waiting for Catastrophe Season 5. However, there hasn’t been any word on the next season of the show. The audience is eager to know about the fate of the Catastrophe.

Catastrophe is a British sitcom by Channel 4. The show stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, who also has created and written the show. Catastrophe featured the journey of two single people, Sharon Morris and Rob Norris, who came together as a consequence of her unexpected pregnancy after a six-day fling.

The journey of the family resides for a good four seasons. However, the question arises that will the show renew for the fifth season? What could supposedly happen? Let’s find out.

Will Catastrophe Season 5 Get Renewed?

There hasn’t been anything announced in terms of a renewal of the series. And from what has been said, it’s not looking good. According to sources, the channel is not interested in producing the fifth season, at least not for long. Moreover, the reason for the longer-than-usual wait for a fifth series could be down to the lead stars’ increasingly busy schedules. Adding to that, a recent tweet from the show’s official Twitter handle, referring season 4 as the final season tore down the hardcore fans of the show.

The fourth season of the show released on January 8, 2019. However, the news of the fourth season is the last one came out as a shock for the fans. They were expecting more family drama between the couple and how they end up subtly managing everything. However, there has not been any official confirmation about the cancellation of the fifth season, so the audience is trying to revive their beloved show.

What Could Supposedly Happen In Catastrophe Season 5?

The final episode of the fourth season revealed Rob’s dissatisfaction with their marriage and his life in London. He has also offered a job in Boston, and wanting to stay and take the job, which Sharon says that she is open to. Meanwhile, in the end, Sharon told Rob about her second pregnancy.

If the fifth season gets renewed, which is highly unlikely, it would possibly feature their long-distance marriage and how they manage to have the second baby. All this plot will be so amusing and exciting to watch for the fans of the show.

What Sharon Horgan Has to Say About The Future Of The Show?

catastrophe season 5

The star, writer and creator of the series, Sharon Horgan also discussed about the fifth season in an interview with the Entertainment. As she stated,

Sometimes I feel like it’s a good idea to quit while you’re ahead, I mean, we might not be ahead by the end of this season. It might go horribly wrong! The stories came to us really easily, and we enjoyed writing it, I suppose we didn’t want to push that. We didn’t want to force stories.” If nothing else, you have to respect a team that acknowledges the brilliance and decides to leave on an equally brilliant note instead of dragging it out, ruining it completely.”

This statement signals that the show will not deliver the fun and loving family drama anymore and the fans have to live without Catastrophe Season 5.