Dark Season 2: Every New Update You Need To Know About The Series

Dark season 2 Updates

Netflix doesn’t want to lose holds on its Supernatural content. Netflix renewed its German thriller Dark Season 2. The first season saw a lot of comparisons with Stranger Things. Some even say it as a German translated version of Stranger Things. However, the show built its own audience through an entirely different plot.

The show had a comparison due to a similar beginning. A small mysterious town. Children were disappearing. Families are trying to find the children. However, the story followed in a different direction. It became one of the most well-performing shows of Netflix. It also became one of the most-watched solely non-English shows. Well! This is enough for Netflix, to bring another installment of action, adventure, and thriller with Dark Season 2.

The Production Has Begun Or Not?

Speculations of the beginning of production of Dark Season 2 have surfaced. The French website, Tele Star published the second installment of Dark is filming in Berlin. The report also added that the original showrunners Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are supervising the production of the show.

Dark season 2 Updates

Den Of Geek has also confirmed that the Production work for Second Season of Dark has started. Season 2 of the show will consist of Eight new one-hour-episodes that are shooting in and around Berlin. It is also reported that the show will be introduced with new time levels and new characters, both in the past and future.

Plot Details Of Dark Season 2

The second installment of the show will focus on the events after Jonas (Louis Hoffmann) appeared in the future with a massive catastrophe. Season 2 of the show is expected to feature the scenarios after this event. It will follow the challenges and threats Jonas is going to face in this Dark future. Watching Jonas dealing with this Catastrophe will be exciting.

In a conversation with The Wrap, Odar also revealed some plot details. He said that Mikkel’s (Daan Lennard Liebrenz) disappearance and Gretchen’s appearance would be investigated. The arrival of Gretchen in 1986 seemed to set her course through time that Claudia (Liza Kreuzer) might have planned. Moreover, Mikkel’s disappearance can provoke everyone to come in 2019.

A New Door Is Opening In Season 2

Jantje Friese has also teased the possibility of another door in Dark Season 2. Friese explained that when Jonas-older self-destroyed the wormhole, they had initiated another entry at the end. Friese has denied explaining what that door is.

Entry of another door in the story will surely bring a lot of twist and turns. It might be a bell for another trouble. Moreover, the consequences everyone is going to face by the opening of this door will be fascinating to watch.

New Addition In The Cast

The regular cast from the Season 1 of Dark will be featuring again. Which means we will see more of Jonas, Claudia, Helge, Father Noah, Ulrich, Martha, and Bartosz. Along with them, three new members will be joining the cast for season 2 of Dark – Winfried Glatzeder (The Last Summer Of The Rich), Sandra Borgmann, and Sylvester Groth (Inglorious Basterds).

Premiere Date Of Dark Season 2

Netflix has yet not revealed any premiere date for Dark season 2. However, speculations of its premiere around the last quarter of 2019 have surfaced.