Death In Paradise Season 9: Plot, Cast Details, Updates & Release Date

Death In Paradise Season 9

BBC One’s Death in Paradise Season 9 is all set to come back sooner. The Broadcasters just announced the premiere date. Fans and the audience have been eagerly waiting for the drama series to return. This season will bid goodbye to a few characters and also welcome some others.

Death In Paradise is Caribbean Crime Drama that features various detectives solving various murders, mysteries, and crimes. The show has a formulaic approach to its plot. Every episode begins with a murder or a mystery and ends with the DI of the series solving and tackling the aftermath of the murder mystery.

Death in Paradise season 9 is just around the corner, and the release date is announced. Here is everything to know about what does season 9 has in store for you-

What Will Happen This Time?: The Plot Details

The synopsis of the premiere episode reveals that the show will start with cutting short new year’s celebrations when a woman gets stabs on the new year eve in her own home. The detective team headed by Jack will solve the murder mystery. This season just like the previous installments shall have eight episodes. It will be fun to watch what stories does the show covers.

Death In Paradise Season 9

All The Faces We Will See This Time: The Cast-

There is a significant shakeup in the cast this time. Ardal O’ Hanlon is returning as DI Jack, the lead detective. However, this will be the last season he will be seen in. Hanlon declared his departure by the show. On the news of his departure, Ardal said, it’s time to explore new opportunities. Other than Ardal, Aude Legastelois is coming back to reprise her role as Madeleine. The detective team is the same, including Ruby Patterson, JP Hooper, and Ds Madeleine Dumas.

Death In Paradise Season 9

There are a few characters who might not come back for the ninth season, and the list includes, Josephine Jobert who portrays Florence on the show and Officer Dwayne Myers, who exited the early episodes of Death in Paradise Season 8.

However, it is not all sad on the island. New characters are joining the cast. On top of the list is The Royal Family actor Ralph Litter who will replace Ardal O’ Hanlon. On bagging his role as Detective Neville, Ralph looked delighted. It took him just 0.005 seconds to say yes to the part. He seems quite excited to play the new D.

Death In Paradise Season 9

Other than that, Death in Paradise Season 9 is welcoming Samuel West Nabbing to the cast. He will portray Donal McCormack, who comes to the Island when a murder leads to tensions in his family. Another entry is Elliot Cowan, who will play McCormack’s brother in the show. The last known entrance to the show is Nina Wadia, a.k.a Zainab Masood. She will join the show as Anna.

Death In Paradise Season 9 Release Date

The Broadcaster of the show has announced the release date of the show. The series will air on 9 January 2020. Following the tradition, the first episode of the show this time will also air on Thursday.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the show ahead of the release. It will be interesting to see if Ralph Little can fill up Ardal O’ Hanlon. However, Ardal will be quite missed.
The show has also been renewed for Death In Paradise Season 10. We, just like you, are looking ahead for the show.

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