Designated Survivor Season 3: Confirmed, Production Started, Release

Designated Survivors Season 3

More political drama will be coming your way. After its two seasons run on ABC network, Designated Survivor landed in Netflix’s Court. Netflix has renewed the show for Designated Survivor Season 3. Moreover, Netflix will be airing the third installment of the show tagged as another global Netflix Original.

Designated Survivor follows the story of President Tom Kirkman’s early days. Kiefer Sutherland characterizes the role of Kirkman. The plot focuses on the time when Kirkman was Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, the show features the anti-terrorism theme along with a political taste. Having a comparison with 24, it will be one of the most anticipated shows on Netflix. Neal Baer will be the show-runner of the show. The new season will consist of 10 episodes.

Kiefer Sutherland Express His Excitement

Kiefer Sutherland also expressed his excitement for the Designated Survivor Season 3. He said that he is thrilled to have the chance to play President Kirkman for the third installment of Designated Survivor with Netflix, Neal Baer, and eOne. Sutherland believes this setup will open new possibility. It will enable them to investigate deeply into storylines and issues concerning the American constituency that was not beforehand possible.

designated survivor season 3

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed the mood for the show. Netflix obviously gives them a free hand for a stronger and bolder content. Therefore, you can assume more drama coming your way with Season 3.

Plot Of Designated Survivor Season 3

Netflix has released a synopsis for Season 3. It goes as – President Kirkman will handle a political reality – campaigning. What price will he be willing to pay? What does it take to make a leader? Season 3 will explore the present world of campaigning and smear tactics. Moreover, the debates, campaign finance, and fake news. Democracy, as we know it, will hover in the balance.

Sutherland also told Radiotimes that Season 3 would focus on Campaign. He also added what might happen next. Sutherland said that he has gone through the death of his wife. He has spent fewer and fewer time with his children. The family was the most important part to him.

Neal Baer Reveals Production For Designated Survivor Season 3 Has Begun

Neal Baer, show-runner of the series also expressed his thoughts on Season 3 of the show. He tweeted that he is thrilled that Designated Survivor Season 3 is coming on Netflix. He is having a terrific time operating with Kiefer Sutherland and my old friend from ER, Anthony Edwards. Baer also revealed that the shooting for the show has also begun.

Cast For The Third Installment Of Designated Survivor

Kiefer Sutherland will pursue as President Tom Kirkman. Natascha McElhone who portrays Alex Kirkman will not feature in Season 3 as her character was killed off in the season two midseason finale.

Along with Kiefer Sutherland, the cast of Designated Survivor Season 3 will consist of –
Adan Canto as Aaron Shore. Paulo Constanzo as Lyor Boone. Italia Ricci as Emily Rhodes. Kal Penn as Seth Wright. LaMonica Garrett as Mike Ritter. Zoe McLellan as Kendra Daynes and Maggie Q as Hannah Wells.

Designated Survivor Season 3 Release Date

Netflix has yet not revealed any premiere date for Designated Survivor Season 3. However, they have confirmed that the show will premiere in 2019.

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