Designated Survivor Season 3: Production Wrap, New Casts, Plot Details

Designated Survivor Season 3

All hail to the President!! Designated Survivor will have another run. The series is known for its unique content. The political drama has won hearts all across the globe. The show consists of some exciting scenes.

The show explores the political scenarios of the US. Season 2 saw a slight drop in the viewership. However, the numbers were massive enough to renew it for another run.
David Guggenheim created Designated Survivor. The show was given a straight-to-series order by ABC and premiered in 2016 to strong ratings. While there was a rating drop in the second season, it wasn’t a big one. Season 2 averaged 3.9 million viewers compared to Season 1’s 5.8 million.

When will the series return? Who will feature in it? What is the storyline? Keep reading for every answer you need about Season 3 –

Designated Survivor Season: Was It Cancelled?

There were rumors that the show got dropped by the network back in May 2018. Those rumors were true. However, the distribution company quickly reached to another system to catch it up. Netflix was already streaming the show internationally. Therefore, they decided to make it as their original series. They made the official announcement about Designated Survivor Season 3 in September 2018.

Designated Survivor Season: Production:

This time, the show had a much shorter episode order than ever. Netflix officially ordered for only ten episodes queue. That is why Designated Survivor Season 3 started filming in last year’s fall. However, packed up soon in February 2019. The show will have more drama and suspense in the new season.

The show originally aired for two seasons on ABC Network first. Then it got adopted by Netflix. To move that show again was a pretty tough task to do. But Designated Survivor did some excellent work and is standing still.

Designated Survivor Season 3: New Cast Members:

Along with the core cast members, season three will have some new add ons as well. Season three will introduce Elena Tovar as Isabel Pardo. Pardo will pursue as the White House Director of Social Innovation. She will be the new girlfriend of Aaron Shore (Adan Canto). Lorraine Zimmer, played by Julie White, is a campaign manager. She will help President Kirkman in his re-election campaign.

Emmy winner Anthony Edwards will join the cast as Tom Kirkman’s (star cast Kiefer Sutherland) Chief of Staff. Lauren Holly will play as his wife. Benjamin Charles Watson (Dante Evans) will be the digital polling whiz. Actress Jamie Clayton will also join the team. However, her character hasn’t revealed yet.

Designated Survivor Season 3: All About Campaigning: 

Kirkman will have to face more complex and careful situation than ever. In the third season, he will fight for another term as the US President. He will stand as an Independent against Democrat and Republic Candidates. His mentor, the former President Cornelius Moss (Geoff Person) will come out as a duplicitous rival as he is a GOP candidate.

Candidates who run without a party typically stand very little chance of actually winning in the real world. Luckily, the new member of Chief of Staff, Lorraine has some idea about the campaigning. She ran a PR firm before. She’ll support the president as he will face some unusual challenges.

About The Release Of Designated Survivor Season 3:

Netflix has yet not revealed any premiere date for Season 3. However, the show might return in the third quarter of 2019. The series’ return in 2019 is a done thing. Stay tuned for further updates on the show.

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Beth R

I can’t wait. The Only reason I’m getting Netflix is because of DS.

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Edward Matera

I wish they would give us the first air date already. This has always been one of my favorite shows and I am really excited about Season three.


Been patiently waiting 🤗😊🤓