Dracula Season 2: Killing A Vampire Is Difficult – Hints From Creator?

Dracula Season 2

Vampire fantasies never fail to seek attention, and that is the only reason why fans are asking for Dracula season 2. Though season one of Dracula television series hit the screen only a few days ago, it seems that the mini-series of three episodes touched the heart of the fans.

For now, many fans are obsessed with the Vampire, and they want the showrunners to renew the series for next season. Did you receive any hints for Dracula season 2? Let’s take a look at what updates are out there.

Dracula Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

Fans are pretty much aware of both streamers of the show. Netflix and BBC are very much keen on their strategies regarding the renewal and cancelation of the show. It will take time and calculations for them to announce the renewal. Also, the showrunners aren’t talking about the renewal, but fans can believe that Dracula season 2 may happen.

Dracula Season 2

However, there is no official announcement for the renewal of the show. In an interview, the creator of the show Mark Gatiss indicated the return of Dracula. He gave a hint of the second installment by saying killing a vampire is very difficult. Does it mean the future of the second season is more comfortable than the death of Dracula? Hope not out!

Are There Spoilers For Next Season?

Fans of the series can’t get over the romantic death of both Doctor Helsing and Dracula how Dracula killed himself drinking the poisonous blood of Doctor Helsing. If the show renews for the second season, then we might see both of them alive because nobody saw them dead. May they take a new birth or incarnation? What of prequel and not a sequel? Can we suppose a story of the early life of Dracula? So many predictions!

Dracula Season 2: Who Will Join The Cast?

Dracula Season 2

It won’t be a lie to speak that Dracula season 2 will be incomplete without super sexy Claes Bang, who, in his vampire character, brought out all his seductive looks to attract the crowd. Indeed, he will return if the series is renewed. Besides, the possibility of the return of Dolly Wells is expected.

Moreover, the spoilers suggest that John Heffernan may not reprise his role as Jonathan Harker. Readers must note that these are the assumptions spoilers are making. After all, it is not forbidden to believe that Dracula may wake up someday!

Tell A Tale: Season One

Dracula Season 2

The Dracula Season one was based on the story of a vampire. He had come to take revenge from those who were responsible for destroying his life. For that reason, he sails to London to take centuries back revenge, and what happens is not uncommon. He fell in love with the lady, who was the incarnation of his dead life. There so many twists happen, and the sexy Vampire reminds the viewers of Edward Cullen.

Dracula Season 2: Release Date

The Dracula season 2 is not renewed yet. Without the announcement of confirmation from the officials, predicting a release date is not wise. We will keep updating you with every detail. Till then, stay connected to us!

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