Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 Spoilers: Comeback of A Major Character

dynasty Season 2 Episode 11
Source: CW

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 this Friday. What will happen in the next episode? Will the trip be less drama and more sense? There will be more drama that’s for sure. The tour has been started. We might have an answer about the journey, and finally, Liam might be making his long-awaited possible comeback in Episode 11.

What went down in the previous episode?

After the horrible accident, Culhane was very desperate for Fallon’s help and protection. On the other hand, Fallon does not fully trust Culhane, and she is looking a way to judge the sheer weight of his lies. While Blake was using his family to promote his self-interest. Cristal is on to something big and might reveal something eventually.

Synopsis and possible plot of Episode 11

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 released a 12 seconds promo. In the promo which was released earlier on, we saw the girls flying on a trip to Idaho with Fallon’s motive being unknown. The team arrives at the Ski resort quickly revealing Fallon’s hidden agenda. On the other hand, Blake is indulged with Culhane’s Search in recruiting a star player to his new soccer team.

Sam is helping out Alexis to figure out a solution to the emotional rollercoaster he was in. It will be interesting to know what stuff they are going to do together. The episode will be fun as we saw in the promo with the girl trip being initiated. It will be a excellent opportunity to make the story more interesting and light-hearted with the help of some humor around.

Is Liam really coming back in Episode 11?

dynasty Season 2 Episode 11
Source: CW

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 will be a lot of fun. Liam has been missed so dearly by the fans, for people wondering when he’s going to be back, Episode 11 is the answer.

A few months ago, Maddison and Liz posted some stories on their Instagram from a hotel where the trip is going to happen, and Liam was presented there for the shooting. Episode 11 looks like a perfect comeback as Fallon’s hidden agenda is nothing but Liam returning to the show. Moreover, Dynasty Season 2 Episode 11 is meant to be a light-hearted episode which will start the pace when Liam is added to the story.