Endeavour Season 7: Everything You Need To Know The Show

endeavour season 7

Another show for the detective brains. ITV renewed Endeavour series for another run. The show-runners made the official announcement in February 2019. Mammoth Screen (Poldark and ITC’s Victoria) will produce the ‘Endeavour Season 7.’

Endeavour is a prequel show to the long-running series Inspector Morse. The series is a British Detective drama which revolves around young Endeavour Morse played by Shaun Evans. The debut season premiered in 2013, with its pilot episode aired in 2012. The show sets in Oxford where Morse began his career as a detective constable. Later he becomes a detective sergeant under the Oxford City Police CID.

Endeavour Season 7: Set in the 1970s

The next season of the show is set in 1970, taking a year leap from the previous season. The upcoming season will have Shaun Evans, recurring as the titular detective, with Roger Allam as his mentor DI Fred Thursday.

According to Express, writer and creator Russell Lewis will continue to engage viewers with carefully crafted stories for Endeavour as they move into the 1970s. The seventh season will also have four episodes, with some of them being two hours long, just like the previous seasons.

What Fans Have Seen So Far in The Series?

The finale episode of Endeavor season 6 titled ‘Deguello.’ The spisode sae Endeavour and Thursday investigating the murder of librarian Osbert Page. They just had a set of muddy footprints to carry forward the investigation. The investigation resulted that Osbert was looking into the disappearance of a surveyor who developed the uphill building called Cranmore House.

Later, the reason surfaced that the building was poorly constructed and was risky to live. And because of that, librarian looking into it got killed. The episode also featured the unstable building collapsing into crumbles and killing dozens of residents.

endeavour season 7

Finally, when the mystery unraveled, the whole thing turned out to be part of a big conspiracy. The conspiracy involved a corrupt politician, the construction company and some of the corrupt police officers. Moreover, the police officers had also killed George Fancy (Lewis Peek), as he was about to unravel the culprits.

The sixth season of Endeavour provided an essence of darker tone in the series. Detective Sergeant Alan Jago’s (Richard Riddell) death proved it as well. The fans praised the finale episode of the sixth season so much and claimed it as one of the show’s best episodes.

What Will Happen in Endeavor Season 7?

Endeavour is famous for its complex plot building. However, it does not bother to clear everything up at the end and explaining what has happened. The end of the sixth season left the audience at cliffhanger. Though the murder mystery which strangled all over the sixth season solved, the final episode left the audience all shook up.

However, Lewis stated that ITV asked them to add more to the Casebook of Colin Dexter’s immortal creation. He tha he would take E. Morse and Oxford’s finest into a new decade of decimalization, package holidays, the Oil Crisis, Blackouts, Three Day Weeks, and Europa Endlos.

Endeavor Season 7 Release Date

According to reports, the production of the seventh season will begin later this year. The filming will take place in Oxford and the neighbouring regions. All the previous seasons of Endeavour aired in the first quarter of their respective years of release. Hence, Endeavour season 7 is also likely to release in early 2020. However, ITV is yet to announce about the premiere date.


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