Euphoria Season 2: Israeli Series Renewed, Zendaya’s Character, Release Date

Euphoria Season 2

The wasted teenagers have more to show to their fans. HBO renewed the Israeli miniseries adaptation this month, and Euphoria Season 2 is going to depict the drama once again. The show that mainly targeted the teenager and young audience got very popular among the fans. It also received positive remarks from the critics for a catchy story, and brilliant performances by the core cast, especially by Zendaya and Schafer. We can judge the show’s following by the hashtag #EuphoriaHBO that trended #1 in the United States and #3 worldwide on Twitter after the premiere.

Euphoria revolves around a group of high school students who do not care about anything other than trivial things such as drugs, sex, social media, and casual relationships. This path leads to mental trauma, addiction, differences in friendship, confrontations, and a difficult phase for a few of them. The upcoming season could focus more on the consequences of such a lifestyle and what it does to their families.

Euphoria Season 2

Euphoria Season 2: HBO’s Reaction On This Series

HBO’s executive vice-president of programming, Francesca Orsi, recently gave an interview. She said Euphoria’s creator Sam Levinson built an incredible atmosphere with an excellent cast led by the incredibly talented Zendaya. She and the HBO team is grateful to Sam that he chose HBO for broadcasting this groundbreaking series. This reaction from HBO is justified, as the premiere’s viewership increased to 1 million after the same-night linear replay and preliminary viewing on HBO GO/NOW. The programming team would continue to follow these obscure characters and see where this challenging world takes them in their journeys.

Eric’s Nude Scene Was Prosthetic In Reality:

There was one very unsettling scene in the first season, which is currently the most talked about. The scene featured Eric(Cal Jacobs) with full-frontal nudity. But in reality, it ultimately relied on prosthetic. However, the interesting part is that Dane was happy to be nude on-screen if asked. He said he would be willing to do anything if it is crucial for the story and essential for creating a truthful feel. As it would decide how the story would go down further, he was not hesitant at all filming it.

Euphoria Season 2

Eric was puzzled on why did the crew want to shoot a scene like that without showing nudity. He believed that when the stakes are so high, it should get as real as possible. But finally, after some deliberation, Dane went for prosthetic to be more thoughtful to his scene partner, newbie actress Hunter Schafer.

Euphoria Season 2: A New Theory On Zendaya’s Character

A new fan theory has surfaced on the character Rue. As she has been narrating the whole series, fans are thinking if she is alive or not. The idea has gained a lot of traction on social media. If it is true, it would mean that Rue is talking from an abstract viewpoint, not one that is telling presently happening events. Instead, she would be describing events that have already happened, since she is still alive on-screen. Fans have expressed themselves about the possible twist.

The first season is currently airing. So if Rue has died, could Season 1 end with that revelation? If she has deceased, that could also mean the end of Zendaya on the show. But she might continue as a narrator. TV series these days do not shy away from throwing numerous shocking twists, so this could be another.

Euphoria Season 2: Release Date

Currently, news regarding the premiere of Euphoria Season 2 has not yet surfaced. But the fans can expect it to premiere sometime in June 2020. The show balanced its brutal honesty with its empathetic and visually impressive touch and created a distinctly challenging and bright series. So, the fans would be itching to watch it again.

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