‘Euphoria Season 2’: More Controversy, Plot, Premiere Date, Cast & All

Euphoria Season 2

It’s been a month since the emotional finale of Euphoria aired, and everyone is eager for updates on Euphoria Season 2. Well, good news for everyone as the show got renewed by HBO for Season 2. The teen drama show took the audience by storm through its fantastic story-line.

The HBO’s series aired on 16th July. Since then, Sam Levinson’s created Euphoria was all over the place. The series won hearts of their viewers as well as of the critics. The series deals with the emotional aspects of teens under certain circumstances. However, the show also had a shadow of controversy regarding its content. Therefore making it one of the most awaited shows of HBO for its Season 2.

What will happen in Season 2? What’s next after that finale? Who will feature in the next installment? When will the series return on our screens? A lot of curiosities are arising for the Euphoria Season 2, and here are the answers to calm all those down –

Diving Into The Resolution of Cliffhanger

Euphoria is a teen drama show. It is an American adoption of the Israeli series of the same name. The show follows the life of a teenager named Rue, who is a drug addict. The series explores the dark and confusing aspects of teenage life. Euphoria depicts the story of Rue and her friends, dealing with substance abuse, sexuality, and many such issues of their life.

The finale of Euphoria ended on an emotional high note. The scenario built up in a manner which depicted that Rue has overdosed and she might have died. However, that’s not the story. As the creator, Levinson has confirmed that Rue is alive and still has a big journey ahead of her.

Well, Zendaya who pursue the character of Rue also tweeted and expressed her excitement for the Euphoria Season 2. She also thanked the fans for their fantastic support and making the show a huge success.

Gia Bennett Will Shine in Euphoria Season 2

Gia Bennett, the supportive little sister of Rue Bennett, will play a more vital role in Euphoria Season 2. Storm Reid, who portrays the character of Gia revealed this in an interview with EW. Reid said that they are working to develop her character. The pilot season portrayed her just as the little sister staying on the sidelines. However, in Season 2, she will be older, and she will have her own opinion.

Reid also said that everyone would see more Gia in Season 2. Well, that also indicates her taking the limelight in the Season 2. Undoubtedly, with the condition of Rue, Gia will have a significant role to play. Moreover, that will add a new angle to the storyline of the show.

Premiere Date of Euphoria Season 2

HBO renewed Euphoria on 11th July. However, the Premiere date for Euphoria Season 2 is yet not revealed. Although, we can expect the show to return in the summer of 2020.

The Cast for Season 2 is also not revealed. However, all the major characters are expected to reprise their role for the next installment. Well, the controversy of high school life, which goes hand-in-hand with Euphoria will be an exciting aspect to see with the new season!

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