Fam Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled? Will Nina Dobrev Return?

Fam Season 2

There’s nothing that Nina Dobrev cannot do. From a double-role vampire to a comedy queen, Nina suits everything. But will her charm save ‘Fam Season 2’ from cancelation? CBS’s sweet and simple sitcom, Fam is yet to get a renewal. The show premiered back on January 10, 2019, and received much love from the viewers. Season 1’s finale premiered yesterday and fans are eager to know if there will ever be a Season 2.

In the modern world where sitcoms find it difficult to survive, CBS likes to take risks by creating more and more of them. One such risk was Fam, which has fewer chances of renewal. The show may not be around anymore unless the numbers get better. Though it managed to gather about 5 to 6 million views, that is not enough for a TV network like CBS.

Fam Season 2

People generally have higher expectations from CBS comedies than any other network. Hence, Fam’s current viewership count may fell short for the channel’s needs. However, in case the season finale manages to gather some views, CBS may think about giving the show a second chance. Otherwise, it may easily cut the show and start something new.

Fam Season 2: What Can Save The Show?

The story of the show is sweet and naive. Clem (Dobrev), is a young woman who lives her perfect life her after getting engaged to her fiancé Nick (Tone Bell). She loves her future in-laws and envisions her happy married life ahead. However, her world soon gets messy when her half-sister Shannon (Odessa Adlon) moves in with them. Shannon is out-of-control as a teenager and creates many funny mischievous for the couple.

Viewers so far didn’t hate the concept of the sitcom. It’s old-fashioned, yet manages to make us laugh. Nina, Tone Bell and Odessa are all appreciated for their performances. Moreover, the cast is the only thing that keeps the show alive. Nina’s fun-loving and chubby real-life personality suits her character. Also, to be fair, the lead actors are the only aspects of the series that can save it from getting cancelled.

Fam Season 2

Nina Dobrev impressed her fans with her breath-taking performance as Elena and Katherine on The Vampire Diaries. Since then, she has a huge fan following. Moreover, most of the viewers of Fam are her fans that watch the show for her. On the other hand, Tone Bell and Odessa are also brilliant actors with millions of admirers.

Fam Season 2: What Will Happen Next Season?

Fans are excited to know about what may happen next in Fam Season 2, in case it gets a renewal. The popular show ended on a happily-ever-after note. Clem and Nick finally get married in the season finale. Hence, if the second season happens, it may feature the couple’s married life and their upcoming problems. It will be interesting to watch the two together on-screen again.


Fam Season 2: Premiere Date

Most of the CBS comedy shows take almost a year to release a new season. This includes popular shows such as Mom or The Big Bang Theory and many more. Fam debuted back in January 2019. Hence, if CBS renews it, Fam Season 2 will premiere by early-2020.

Fam Season 2

Fam is a light-hearted and fun-loving show. Nina Dobrev’s character is the highlight of the entire series. Moreover, fans also love Tone and Nina’s chemistry. Admirers expect them to return with a second installment. We hope that Fam gets a second chance to show its potential in Fam Season 2.


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