Family Reunion Season 2: Will There Be More McKellen Drama on Netflix?

Family Reunion Season 2
Courtesy: Netflix

The first Season of Family Reunion has just premiered and speculation for Family Reunion Season 2 has already begun. Everyone is eager to know about the fate of this family moralistic values-based original series of Netflix. The show featured the answer to What if an extended family lives together. The pilot season of the series got quite a mix response. Therefore, making the fans more curious for the Family Reunion Season 2.

Netflix has made this show as a classic. It is filmed in the presence of a live studio audience. This situational comedy series gives a close glimpse of an extended family. Well, with all things seem usual, the all-Black Cast brings a unique taste in the Family Reunion.

So will there be a Family Reunion Season 2? Who will feature in it? When will the show premiere? Here’s all you need to know about the Season 2 of Family Reunion –

There Are Good Chances for Family Reunion Season 2

Family Reunion premiered on 10th of July on Netflix. Keeping in mind the history of Netflix and renewal announcements, its too early for media giant to make things official. Moreover, with the mix reaction of the viewers, Netflix will take time to analyze things regarding the show. However, with so much of uncertainty, Season 2 of this Sitcom is still most likely to happen.

Deadline has reported that the series was initially ordered for a total number of 20 episodes. The pilot season of the show consisted of 10 episodes. This means that there are still 10 episodes left in the bag. Therefore, Family Reunion Season 2 seems like a done thing to happen.

Tia Mowry who pursue the character of Cocoa McKellan also said in an interview with People that she was thrilled when she read the script for Part 1 and Part 2. She also told that she had 20 scripts, and she was very excited to read every single one of them. Well, this seems enough indications for the fate of Season 2.

The Creator Talks about the “Black Magic” of the Show

Family Reunion is a genuine representation of black family lives. Well, the show is intended for that by its creator Meg DeLoatch. There is an all-black writers room for the Family Reunion. Moreover, each episode is imbued with the experiences of the writers.

While talking with Deadline, DeLoatch said that she is incredibly proud of this show. She continued by saying that it is a true collaboration, with each and everyone on this production, from the Cast and Writers to the Directors, Staff, and Crew. They all contributed personal anecdotes and traditions to help make this family dynamic and relatable.

Mowry also said that it is lovely that the storylines are being told from people who’ve actually lived out the storyline; therefore, there is raw, rooted, grounded authenticity in the storylines.

Cast and Premiere of Family Reunion Season 2

Season 2 is expected to return with all of the familiar faces. This means we will see more of Anthony Alabi as Moz. Tia Mowry as Cocoa. Talia Jackson as Jade. Cameron J. Wright as Mazzi. Jordyn Raya James as Ami. Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Shaka, and Loretta Devine as M’Dear.

Netflix has yet not confirmed the renewal of the show. Although, if all goes well, the series will get renewed soon. Therefore, we can expect the Family Reunion Season 2 dropping on Netflix in the mid-quarters of 2020.


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