Fleabag Season 3: What Is Happening With The Show? Fate, Inside Details, Release Date


With a nameless protagonist, Fleabag created much of a charm than any other show. The second season of the show ended just a month ago, and since then the audience is asking about the next season of their favorite show. Will there be Fleabag Season 3? What will happen? These are some of the questions that are bewildering among the fans.

Fleabag is a dramedy series of BBC and Amazon Studios. It features Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Fleabag, an angry, confused, and sexually voracious woman living in London. This show is somewhat different than others, as it presented a new feature, ‘breaking the third wall’ when she talks to the camera. The second season of the series premiered in March. However, there has not been any official news on the renewal or cancellation of the show yet.

The series debuted in July 2016 and created quite a buzz. Both the seasons of Fleabag received widespread acclaim from the critics and the audiences as well. Since its run, the show has been awarded so many awards, including Golden Nymph and Rockie awards for Best Comedy TV series. Phoebe also got awarded for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for the series.

Phoebe Said No For Fleabag Season 3

Fleabag Season 3

The lead nameless protagonist of the series, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has confirmed this news. Phoebe stated that she has thought about it but ultimately decided that the answer was no. Not just by Phoebe, two other cast members have also confirmed this news, including Sian Clifford ( who plays Claire).

What Is The Fate Of The Series?

The status of the Fleabag Season 3 is still unclear. The show had an incredible two seasons run. The second season of the show also had a tragic but brilliant and arguably perfect ending. However, the fans are still in good hopes for the renewal of their favorite show.

There are chances that Fleabag might get renewed for its third run, as the second season arrived as a surprise after Phoebe herself previously said Fleabag formulated as a single-season show. It seems like if the die-hard fans would try their best to conceive the revival, the show might get renewal soon.

The Second Season Ended With A Perfect Ending

The second season of the series ended on a bittersweet, yet perfect note. Fleabag first encouraged Claire to go and get her Nordic love interest at the airport. Then she bade goodbye to her newly married father (Bill Paterson) and Godmother (Olivia Coleman).


Later, while waiting for the bus, Hot Priest and she admitted that their relationship would never work out despite their best efforts. As a result of that, they should part their ways. Also, He gracefully told her never to attend another service at his church again, to which Fleabag agreed.

She got up from the bench and walked in the opposite direction after watching him walk off. The camera went to follow her; she turned back and broke the fourth wall for the final time. Fleabag held her hands up as if to tell everybody that they are not allowed to follow her anymore, and she can handle what just happened on her own.

The ending was obviously perfect, however on the audience demand, and Phoebe’s vast imagination, the show could still return for Fleabag Season 3. The fans are also trying their best with the revival polls and everything so that the network renew Fleabag for another season.


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